Apple Ad: Crazy Ones (Think Different 2007)

themurph2099This is, I assume, a fan made commercial this is an interesting combination of the legendary “Think Differnent” ad campaign and the more current style of iPod advertising. I love this video, and I thought you guys might enjoy it…take a look…[…] Thanks to themurph2099 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 2382 Diggs).

What other user say about this:

ryand124: That was awesome. I added to my Myspace.

gdixon: The original had so much depth, power and inspiration. This “new” version killed the whole mood and message in a vein attempt to distract people with flashy, shinny visuals.

ariez84: Finally an Apple ad that shows off the quality of their products instead of attacking the competition.

codmate: What a bunch of pompous wank.
What exactly does any of that have to do with computers?

Pol Pot ‘thought different’ and ‘thought he could change the world’ – but that didn’t mean he was a genius or cool.

*rolls eyes at corporate zealots*

jimma: Nicely done! Reminds me of this Porsche commercial called “Here’s to the dreamers”

lukas88: I really thought this was a creative ad visually, BUT I am not sure why people still accept the “be different, change the world” cliche. While innovators are important, one cannot be an innovator simply by purchasing a mac. That is the message! To prove my point about how shallow their motives are, consider the campaign they used to replace the “think different” campaign. Basically it is “being a PC makes you nerdy! Being a mac user makes you neat and trendy!” In the end, they are both equally shallow.

Basically, apple is not trying to market their products to innovators, they are trying to market their products to people who just imagine that they are innovators. Since these same people show the lack of intelligence to fall for such a campaign, chances are they are the opposite.

MagikMsu: THAT IS CLEARLY RICHARD DRYFUSS narrating…this is not fan made.

utna: “Think Differnent”
way differ-nent
— Love it!

dan7600: I think that just changed my life.

ShogunWarPig: Very well made but way to boring to put on TV, I’d mute it and go make a sandwich.

phirestyle: Ha ha ha ha!

Surely you’re misfits? But rebels and trouble makers? Please, you geeks will have a heart attack due to social anxiety before you attempt to say something against the rules.

One thing PC users can do that Mac users can’t? Shut the fuck up!

spacevirtual: This is pitiful.
It’s no wonder none of the original graphics were used in this video.
The original ad campaign is now infamous for juxtaposing Mother Teresa with Hitler and other such travesties. It’s worth a look on youtube if you’re interested in how not to make an ad campaign.
It’s hard for me to see the difference between this video and just watching the original ads with my eyes shut (which was always a tempting prospect).
I just don’t see how Apple merits such lionization. It seems like a waste of time to me (and by the look of the new graphics, not much time).
Let’s just bury it and pretend it never happened.

Henwood: It seems a bit like most Microsoft ads, except without the inspirational stock video. Well, I guess at least it’s better than those “I’m a Mac…” ads.

lartones: What about the PS3.. i mean iPhone?

cnrdln: Is that Richard Dreyfuss doing the voice over


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