Eric Schmidt on YouTube showing off his iPhone

1laradreamEric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, spoke to the World Economic Forum that was meeting at Google yesterday. He took on a number of issues: Viacom lawsuit, Cookie lifetimes, Personalization and privacy.[…] Thanks to 1laradream for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 725 Diggs).

What other user say about this:

Neourotick: not much on the iPhone, but what kills me is he was talking about the audience being polite, and paying attention to the speaker, unlike at google where everyone is looking at their computer. then they cut to and asian guy laughing at the joke, and right behind him is a guy playing on his cell phone.

angle45media: web2.0’s power couple…eric schmidt and steve jobs

TheRealDeal: If the iPhone is good enough for Eric, it is good enough for me.

June 29th……

GeezerD: I’m getting an iPhone. Originally I wanted to see the iPhone bit. However, the video is very interesting, and worth the time, regardless of the iPhone.

MrViklund: It’s iPhone!

seanny19: I am not for the iPhone, but I am not against it. I read all of these comments against it, and i roll my eyes. I read all of these comments for it and I roll my eyes.
my simple opinion…the iPhone will be like the iPod. It will take a couple of product generations, but eventually everyone will have one. I believe that the first 2 or three iPhones will not be the greatest. But by the 3rd or 4th gen, they will have most bugs worked out, prices will come down near that of a video iPod and everyone will have one.

I do not plan on buying the first couple of generations based simply on that opinion. But I can easily see why there are many people for it, and many people against.

Point: This article was improperly titled because the iPhone appearance is not all that exiting next to the excellent presentation given by Eric Schmidt.

MaXPL: the iphone is actually alot smaller than i thought. less iphone hate from me because of that, but its still too fragile a product to carry around.

ive dropped my phone over 100 times in its lifetime, and i’m certain this iphone wouldnt survive one drop.

rockrapdude: What? People whipping’ out their iPhones already? Hmm. Too bad Paris didn’t get hers. Good timing, Apple!

tjamnz: Id like to see your iPhone phone bill LOL….

If you activate all the services it has, your going to be forking out around 100 a month. Im single and make 40k which is ok.. but i cant even afford that

tjamnz: Have fun running to the store to pay 500 to 600 hundred dollars for the new purdy iPhone.

Hmm.. my current cheap free phone.. easily sends text messages, takes pictures that i can send as email attachments, and wow… makes phone calls too! the main reason to have a phone.

I have a laptop and a nice sack to carry it in when i need to do real computing and access and edit docs and send emails.

Ive had a blackberry with all the bells and whistles, and trust me.. it gets old typing out emails on even a blackberry after a while. You just get to the point where.. you still prefer the ease of notebook or a desktop computer. I dont see why the iPhone would be any different after the newness wears off.

Has anyone seen Nokias new line.. pretty much does everything the iphone does with some bad to bone camera phones too with video.

Its just strikes me as odd.. how we as a people somehow think a material device is going to make us a happier person. Maybe for a few days but thats it.

Instead.. just use that freebee cheapo from tmobile that works in almost any country in the world and take that 500 to 600 hundred bucks or more and take a nice trip to London or Hawaii or some beach in Mexico. ~peace

nick2: 12 more days…

emehrkay: That was a very interesting interview. I feel that him and Bill Gates may have similar interests, I wonder if they ever chat it up.

KevinJim: Give us a break Apple fanboys… he shows his iPhone for some seconds, nothing more. You just dugg it because it refers to Google and Apple at the same time…

MavRevMatt: …

thesportoflife: well he is holding a mic dumbass


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