Apple TV Hack Allows External USB Storage

sherb“At last, someone has developed a patch to allow the Apple TV’s storage capacity to be expanded using the USB port, using its internal hard drive to boot and one fat external USB 2.0 2 terabytes drive to store as many TV series, photos and porn movies as you want.”[…] Thanks to sherb for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1221 Diggs).

What other user say about this:

jabberwolf: Doing something that enables you to buy and use hardware, other then Apple’s hardware?!
They are seriously going to find you, find you and kill you!!!!

woot4fun: To those indicating that the Mini is better than the AppleTV, the lack of a dedicated graphics chip and video ram makes the mini an inadequate video player. Even the most current model barely makes 24fps at 1080i resolution. Also connecting a mini to your average projector or HDTV is non-trivial. Component outputs and HDMI on the AppleTV make these connections quick and easy. Recent articles, and Steve Job’s comments about AppleTV as a hobby indicate that Apple is putting a lot of hardware for the money into that these little boxes.


saijm: Well given the fact that the AppleTV is just a cut down Mac Mini I won’t be surprised by any number of hacks that come out. People were doing some cool stuff with the Mini’s when they first came out too. Give people computer hardware at an affordable price and they will mod the hell out of it. Its a good thing.

FireWire2: How ignorance this can be! Using the USB2.0 external drives as an additional storage for HD media player had been around for yrs, this is not a new thing. On top of that AppleTV is a half ass product anyway, why bother?
Compare to . AppleTV is far behind. Does AppleTV record HDTV, play HDTV at 1080p, play DVD ISO file, HDMI and DVI output? I guess not. This TVIX does

willynilly: Fuck this. Just buy a Mini and be done with it. Then you can use a legitimate storage connection (Firewire) instead of dicking around with hacks and interconnects designed for keyboards, mice, and modems (USB).

anchorman: This improves AppleTV quite a bit. However it is still inferior to xbmc on a modded xbox. Just no getting around it.

anchorman: AppleTV is still inferior to xbmc on a modded xbox. Just no getting around it.

suprchunk: Actually story here:
When will you gizmodo linking losers start digging (not too hard to do, btw) for the link to the actual story?

fryke: well, yeah, you can stream things, but it certainly is nicer to just sync the stuff. i guess at some point, apple will just update AppleTV to be able to do this out of the box. that USB port seems awfully useless as per factory default.

MyNameIsJoe: Is this better than plugging the hard drive up to your computer and streaming the videos? I thought the whole point of the Apple TV was to be able to stream content to your TV.

BlueStarr: Sounds koo….

neofactor: @over9: “so much for the famous apple security”

These are feature enhancements… extending the framework that is there. No one, including Apple have established some security measure to prevent this. “hack” is such a loose term today! It is simply take advantage of how things work.. like the “Elevator Hacks” and the like.

phntm: it will allow porn? excellent 🙂

over9: lol apple’s are getting hacked left, right and center nowdays. so much for the famous apple security.


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