iPhone explodes from unlock attempt (picture)

August 30, 2007

benpwilsonWhile many hardware-based iPhone unlocks are going off without a hitch, at least one did not.[…] Thanks to benpwilson for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 20Diggs).

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MarkTaiwan: i never knew iPhone have a auto-destruct feature….

onewiredguy: But you know what happens when you put a screwdriver across the connectors on a car batter right? 🙂 Maybe he was soo excited a bead of sweat dripped off his forehead onto the phone. I can see it now.
(In slow motion)
*Shocked look on face*
*Sweat heading for phone*
*Hand reaches to catch it*
*Sweat touches vital spot on battery*
*Cries while friend starts choking him*

spargett: This looks like something AT&T would release to just terrorize anyone out of attempting to unlock the phone. Just the same way everyone was so scared to started poking around the directories and play with ringtones.

no2gates: It’s burnt, but it’s not locked anymore 🙂


The Next-Gen iPod Touch Mock-Up

August 30, 2007

yokozukaHere’s the mock-up of the next generation iPod Touch. And when we said touch, we mean touch: the home button doesn’t have to be pressed, it could be electrostaticmagickalifragilistic and glow. Call us wild speculators if you want —you will be right— but we are betting/lusting on it: Apple’s iPod 100% Touch, no physical buttons whatsoever.[…] Thanks to yokozuka for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1221Diggs).

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timmcneely: Feeling shafted by NBC’s proposed $4.99 an episode price hike that got their new fall season kicked out of iTunes?

Kevin Wick has been kind enough to look up the contact information for the NBC Executives that are key to getting this situation reversed.

Amy Zelvin, NBC Universal Digital Media Communications, (212) 664-7436 amy.zelvin@nbcuni.com
Joe Libonati, NBC Universal Television Group Publicity, (818) 840-3050 joe.libonati@nbcuni.com

(edit) Some additions-

Jeff Zucker, President and Chief Executive Officer, NBC Universal (212) 664-4444 jeff.zucker@nbcuni.com
Ben Silverman, Co-Chairman, NBC Entertainment and NBC Universal Television Studio ben.silverman@nbcuni.com

Now, please don’t call these people and threaten them, cuss them, or yell at them. That’s not going to get anything accomplished.

If, however, you want to politely let them know how you feel about their suggested price increase, and subsequent removal from iTunes, it might actually have some affect.

If enough people call, NBC just might listen…you never know.

ClickSnd: So if its 100% touch, how do i turn it on and off?

batmant: Here’s why you don’t want this to happen. If Apple gives you the iPod functionality from the iPhone, they will be forced to keep the iPhone at a higher price point to show differentiation. They can’t lower the iPhone’s price tag without cannibalizing iPod sales (if the two shared all this functionality).

redwallhp: That looks cool. Here are my predictions of what Apple’s going to do: http://blogs.ntugo.com/computers/2007/08/28/ipod-predictions/

jetsetter883: being that this is an Apple product, how’s the functionality..?

darkmotion: :S How would you reset the thing if it freezes?

raymore: I wonder if your tongue would actually work on the touchscreen of that iPod. God knows I would test it, all night long.

soopertoll: It would suck not to be able to klick the “next” button “blind” in my pocket while walking around or making sports. And blind people would have a problem too.

morphie: It’s funny (or not) that everone is pulling down this mockup, while it has the most votes in the poll. It think this mockup is pretty much what Apple is going to release.

stealthcow: A big selling point for me of the current ipod is that i can use it without looking at it. It would be a huge pain to have to look at the screen each time I want to skip tracks or change the volume etc

Generalfier: Someone needs to improve their photoshop skills, the gradient across the screen looks lame. I doubt it would be like that considering the screen is its own light source.

gordonf238: The problem with the iPhone as well as this mock-up of an iPod is that they both lack character, personality. It’s just a block of plastic/aluminum with a big screen on its face. Cars have a face, they have somewhat of a personality. They have a grill, headlights, etc. The iPod (as it stands now) has a character. Some, defining characteristics that give it identity. But the iPhone / next gen. iPod lacks it. It’s blank, completely blank, and it’s saddening.

Pour me another glass of wine.

DaveClarkOne: Aesthetically, the mock up works for me. Glad not to see the stupid chrome bezel on the iPhone–this thing scratches if you breathe on it

whiteyMcBrown: No imagination at all… they barely changed the screen of an iPhone and called it a mockup.

Stopher: Wow, 20 seconds of clone brush. I bow to your elite Photoshop skillz.

Will ‘the beat go on’ with a new iPod?

August 30, 2007

cdrewApple is expected to introduce new iPods next week–that would make three Septembers in a row–as it tries to corner the video-player market.[…] Thanks to cdrew for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 27Diggs).

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Associated Press delves into legalities of iPhone unlocking

August 30, 2007

obeezyWith several iPhone unlocking methods gaining traction over the past week, the Associated Press has done some investigating into the legalities of the matter and is reporting that unlocking the phone for one’s personal use appears to be legal. Hackers who contrive such unlocking solutions with the intent to profit from them will face legal issues.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 58Diggs).

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iFuntastic 3 opens up new iPhone functionality

August 30, 2007

MercedRocksThe newest release of iPhone modification tool iFuntastic includes PowerPC support, one-time jailbreaking, lots of home screen modification, and more.[…] Thanks to MercedRocks for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 42Diggs).

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diggerdong: anyone know if it doesn’t totally fizzle up my contacts and pictures when the dreaded updates come?

Apple patents detail Wi-Fi iPod, equalizer

August 30, 2007

fenreerFive new patent applications surfaced today detailing Apple inventions, three of which may relate to a forthcoming Wi-Fi iPod that could debut as early as September 5th. A future iPod model may include equalizer controls, according to one of the documents. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has published patent filings from[…] Thanks to fenreer for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 21Diggs).

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7of7: So basically they’re going to copy the Zune?

jurvusbob: http://www.macnn.com/blogs/?p=386

Apple accused of short-shrifting disabled retail shoppers

August 30, 2007

lnfiniteLoopTwo San Francisco women have filed a lawsuit that accuses Apple of largely ignoring accessibility laws at one of its retail stores, making shopping or service trips all but impossible for those confined to a wheelchair.[…] Thanks to lnfiniteLoop for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 16Diggs).

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tdhurst: While I sympathize with those in wheelchairs, LIFE ISN’T FAIR. I worked as a Mac Specialist for a few years and was approached a few times by wheelchair bound customers who wanted help. It wasn’t an issue whatsoever to help them and they left happy.

HOWEVER, has they not specifically asked me (or stared at me to get my attention), I bet I wouldn’t have approached because I honestly would have been afraid they would make a big deal about it (which happened, twice).

You really can’t win.

djphatjive: LoL, this cracks me up. All our lives we were taught that disabled people just want to be like everyone else, The are normal people just like everyone else.

“It’s apparent from these occurrences, the two women said, that Apple retail stores do not have a policy in place to assist handicapped shoppers. And if they do, it wasn’t being followed.”

Are you kidding me? There like, I’m mad because I was not waited on and because the store did not design and spend 100,000 dollars on making it so that a few people in wheelchairs can see the products because they are to afraid to ask to see one because it might draw attention to there disability that they want people to think they don’t have.

Get off your high horse or “weelchair” and ask someone for help. Your disabled.

MiddleNameWayne: That’s a shame. The stores I’ve been to are some of the “roomiest” retail stores I’ve seen with plenty of desk space to check out the computers. Never would have thought things were too high or out of reach then again I’m 6’1″.