1977 – Introducing the Apple II (Vintage Ad)

spinchange(JPEG Image, 700×1017 pixels) – Scaled (57%) – more at: http://www.macmothership.com/%5B…%5D Thanks to spinchange for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1354Diggs).

What other users say about this:

anarchytv: so, are these things worth anything today? i paid like $1000 for mine with monitor and drives and all that jazz, and the Apple salesman told me it was an investment in my future, and would only appreciate in value. that was like 30 years ago, so i’m thinking this baby is worth a small fortune! what an awesome investment

/sarchasm. don’t buy any damn apple products. if you understand calculus, i’ll put it this way. their value always depreciates until it approaches zero. silicon snake oil salesmen, all of them. i would say, 90% of the the apple product line is total junk today and of 90% of their products throughout history, you couldn’t pawn them off on ebay or at a flea market for over $50 bucks. we’re talking about $1000 – $4000 computers here.

larrywsm: Hay! That was the second computer I was trained on using Apple basic and CP/M and Word Star

saturn5: More here including the next page. 1 MHz processor and up to 48K RAM!


TFeuer: Nice picture of an Apple on the wall. Good touch.

Jaakob: 1977 called, they want their ad back.

nklepper: Dugg Down for OLD NEWS…..

inoverthe: It’s like looking into the future.

fastang: I see things haven’t changed much for MAC in the past 30 years.

justmy15cents: damn its annoying that the “monitor” (TV?) is not aligned better with the keyboard… bad ergonomics there

Billions: “As soon as she leaves I’m loading up ‘Lemonade Stand’ again and beating Tony’s score…”

aduzik: Christ, even in 1977 Apple didn’t believe in articles: “Introducing *THE* Apple II”. Modify your nouns, dammit!

ffemt300: Ha! Apple on the wall in the kitchen….

Semprini: So, that’s what happened to Sandy Duncan..

Meursault: “Oh, shit. Honey, I think I just crashed the NY Stock Exchange”

MrPotato: Back in the day I typed with me left hand and drank and wrote with my right. Everything was working out well until one day, out of the blue, my wife says “honey, don’t you want to upgrade to the new model?” Since I bought my compy they went and added a freakin’ number pad to the keyboard forcing me to type with my right hand. Bastards!


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