David Elsewhere: Behind the iPod Dancer

1KrazyKoreanYou know all those ads, including the iPod one, that has a guy dancing like he’s made of rubber? It’s all the same dude: David Elsewhere. The nimble virtuoso has basically invented his own style of dancing, and it’s so unique that basically any time you see it in an ad, it’s him. Even if it doesn’t look like him, it’s his body[…] Thanks to 1KrazyKorean for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1688Diggs).

What other users say about this:

redivider: I didn’t know he was Saddam Hussein’s son.

*jooloop*: Wow, I first read the title as “iPod Cancer” and thought, “yeh, it is growing like a tumor.” Then I read the discription, figured out my mistake, and am dissapointed. No digg.

ezion: if anyone wants a free copy of the complete Detours video let me know and I will gladly distribute it for FREE.

Codee: Come a hell of long way from YouTube.
Nice kid. Much success.

SmilingJess: dugg because it reminded me of my raver past, and also because of the Gene Kelly commercial.
That is badass!!

retop56: O YEA. THE GUY IN THE ORANGE AT THE KOLLABORATION video. omg man I show that video to ALL my friends it’s so awesome. I first saw it on eBaum’s World

thewoodman: Old news surely!? Clips of Elsewhere have been popular on YouTube for ages…

danconia: LOL come on guys as if it could have been anyone else. Liiiiiiiiiiiiquid. Too bad they didn’t show my favorite part of the kollaboration video, where he does the stop-motion imitation. I’d like to see any hoochie-mama try to keep up with this badass.

Wonder if he has to tone it down for his girlfriend when they hit the dancefloor…

GIFF3: I love this guy I have had his videos on my blog for a long time. it’s good to see him get some recognition

Digg413: Man – That is SO COOL! Good for him! Doing what he loves, being different from everyone else, and now probably making a ton of money.

Sil369: He should star in the PC-Mac commericals. PC guy would just walk away, baffled by his dancing. 🙂

defect: Wow, i remember seeing the Kolaboration vid long ago and thinking that was awesome and i’ve seen the commercials from time to time but i never connected the dots. Nice to see that talent does pay off.

samsara1981: So who is making the movie? You know somebody will, assuming David is willing.

HaltingPoint: This style of dancing is one of the reasons I loved the rave scene. Obviously there were other types of dancing…popping, locking, liquid pop…this is kind of a blend of some of it + some robot…

Truly phenomenal dancers in the rave scene, sure beats any of the shit you’ll see at a club.

dose: If you like his dancing check out the Detours DVD. It has him with a couple other dancers, Kujo, Midas, and Rawbzilla.


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