Mr. Jobs, please open up the Apple TV

luckkAn open letter to Steve Jobs requesting a development kit for the Apple TV.[…] Thanks to luckk for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 58Diggs).

What other users say about this:

keyboardduder: I digg, but I would have to agree with the majority here that there is no business-reason in opening it. And thats all Apple is anymore right? Crafty and stylish business practices disguised as hip, pop culture. Although nobody wants to buy Apple TV, and nobody has a damn clue of what it actually is, there is no sure-bet money in it. A few nerds would buy one and mod it, then theres no more money for apple after that. Steve would rather make you buy one of his computers to do the same thing and more as an opened Apple TV for about 5-10X more than the price of the Apple TV. Opening the Apple TV would be a profitless decision as much as I’d like it to happen too.

meshman: “Apple TV is a closed system”

Exactly. How naive of you to even think of writing the letter. Once Steve’s done laughing at it, he’ll wipe his ass with it. He can’t have you using the Apple TV as a universal device. No no, you have to buy your media from the iTunes store. You’re not playing your DVD’s and you’re not playing your DivX content either. Apple doesn’t sell that. You will buy what Apple says you can buy and you will play that content where Apple says you can play it. Now go ask for an iPhone SDK. Steve needs more toilet paper.

kenvsryu: Hhahahaha so you’ve never heard of Apple before?

shmatt: wants AppleTV opened up? Shocking.

luckk: Thanks, vault. There is already a not-so-official BackRow development kit by Alan Quartermain, which makes developing plugins for the Apple TV much easier. But it is still a hack.

vault: Dugg for a good cause, but I think an AppleTV SDK would be on the backburner for Apple unfortunately, given everything else they’re working on.


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