DrunkenBatman goes on racist tirade at C4 Mac dev conference

AmazingSycoAt the C4 Mac developer conference this weekend, Drunken Batman got on stage to discuss why black people don’t use Macs. To quote some of the conference attendees, ‘SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP THIS ASS!’ and ‘this warrants a walkout’.[…] Thanks to AmazingSyco for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 584Diggs).

What other users say about this:

reddcell: Next year’s speaker will be me and the opening title will read “Mac users don’t have an F’ing sense of humor.”

Aichon: One account of the panel where the alleged racist comments took place:

Sounds like it might not be as black and white as some would believe.

DonJuanMAC: I don’t feel it is an issue that should be dragged on. MACs are the best computer systems on the market!!

fvjohnson: Apple needs new “I’m a Mac…” commercials. The PC should be played by Sam Jackson, the Mac could be Cramer.

macdimeno1: ClintLugert: That song is fucking funny! My new theme song even! Lets also add all the stupid muthafuckas who say this isn’t racist to the ass beating list! Please! Talking bout…”He was just making and observation.” Who in the hell sits around and thinks of stupid shit like what racial group uses what OS and brand of computer. I think some of you really don’t know what racism is!!! It just goes to show that there really are a bunch of stupid muthafuckas on this planet!

rexprime: what he should have said is average people don’t use macs(ipods/iphones don’t count), 90% of the homes i am in on a daily basis are pc homes. Do i find the comment racist no, i do find it pointless yes… and yes i am a black man

serpicolugnut: It’s pretty sad the morons here who are convicting DB haven’t read the account of what happened. Making an (incorrect) observation about the cultural makeup of the Mac user base is nowhere near racist. But in the Digg world, all that matters is a sensational headline so you can get your Diggs.

I’m no fan of DB, but I’m even less a fan of idiots who cry racism when there isn’t any.

fuzzy76: This is totally wrong, and the slide had nothing to do with racism. It was a badly chosen example. Buried for inaccuracy.

ClintLugert: I just keep hearing this song by Wesley Willis in my mind:

macdimeno1: I’m black! I own 5 Macs. I converted my fiance, her mom, her brother, my mom, my brother, my 3 sisters, at least 5 of my friends and countless people who I have met in passing, to mac (all black)! I went to a historically black collage, Howard University, where they put in a 2 story computer lab with over 100 G5’s in 2002. I just found out this summer they have updated it with over 40 new intel iMacs. In class, most notes are being clicked on mac portibles. I laterally know of thousands of African Americans in a very small area that use Macs heavily.

This guy probably doesn’t have any friends, let alone black friends! If he did, he would have gotten beat up before his transition to that slide was complete. This is also a sad day for the mac community. Forever we have been viewed as the creative, intelligent, free thinking types. Now it shows that some of us are close minded and ignorant.

Lets just ignore this guy and not give him anymore attention than he already has gotten. I forgive him because he is ignorant.

Though I forgive him, it is my duty as a black man who loves macs, to punch him in his muthafuckn mouth when I see him.

QueenOfSwords: I’m not sure what’s up with DB. I used to read his blog right after daringfireball.net , but he hasn’t blogged since May, and when he did, it was about beating up a fellow called “Vinay Venkatesh” http://www.drunkenblog.com/drunkenblog-archives/000767.html .
It’s seriously nutty, as in I’m actually concerned for him. Does anyone know him personally, and if so, is he on his meds and ok?

samsara1981: How are we supposed to assess this if it’s being presented so totally devoid of context?

FredB7: Inaccurate!
See: http://www.red-sweater.com/blog/383/drunkenbatman-is-not-a-racist

wonkknows: love and peace!

protogenxl: e+_______________________


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