If you call Apple Support for Hackintosh Help

Suzuka09PRocker267 of Insainely Mac called Apple Tech Support with a question about his Hackintosh[…] Thanks to Suzuka09 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 804Diggs).

What other users say about this:

geekmansworld: I want the seven minutes of my life back that I wasted listening to this.

jabberwolf: Apple’s EULA :
It says that the license allows you to use on only on an apple machine.

Not sure if it’s legally enforceable. Seeing as you can purchase a piece of software seperatly and with no contract (except the EULA inside) to sign at time of purchase, you should be able to use it as you wish. It’s not legal to copy it (distribute it) but it’s for you’re personal use. How you use it personally, cannot be enforced by Apple other then them trying to lock it down.

But of course, their support has no obligation to support you.

setec: Yeah, that password protected site was annoying.

Here is a non-password protected mirror for the file:

DougGames: I created an account just so i could digg this article down for posting a link to a PASSWORD PROTECTED F-ING DOWNLOAD and not providing the god damned password.

marcz: You could have always read the transcript further up in the comments.

mrdibs: There are many free apps available that the caller could have used to edit out the HOLD MUSIC. 7 minutes I will never get back.

xiambax: No company offers support for pirated software. Thats just a fact.

digitallysick: Maybe its just me, but can you imagine working at apple tech support and someone tells you they are on a compaq presario.! hahaha

willgonz: Despite their desire to cuss out the guy calling support, the Apple Support Tech remain calm and professional. If this would have been an actual supported call they would have been just as calm.

rajid: Waste of Apple Supports time and a waste of my time listening to this crap. Buried.

ramsinks.com: It’s obvious the tech support isn’t too tech savvy.
“ahh man, sorry cannot support osx on a pc” is all it would have taken…

gordonkid: It would have been much better if he had it running osx and needed help getting to recognize a peripheral or something. As it is, it’s just dumb. The idea was good but the execution was like teenage poetry.

XYZ1: It’s typical. Most of the 1st or 2nd line support people don’t know hat’s going on. They just have their standard answers know by heart…

bedouin: That was very uneventful. Buried as lame.

andykram: Wow, did anyone else hear the excess amounts of malice used in combination with “Compaq Presario”?


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