iphone $5k horror story

adzaroomy personal iphone data roaming horror story.[…] Thanks to adzaroo for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 45Diggs).

What other users say about this:

jmalin77: So basically you were too dumb to read your contract and keep up on the policies of your cell phone carrier and when YOU screwed the pooch you get pissy cus you have to pay. What kind of moron thinks he’s going to get free web access ACROSS the friggin ocean? I mean seriously, learn to take responsibility for your own actions instead of freaking out and setting up a whiny blog on the internet about it.

FknGoAway: Why would you travel without checking the rate plans first. My wife and I were is both Canada and Ireland in the past 2 months. I called and made sure I knew exactly what the charges would be. I of course ran up my phone bill a bit, but I was aware of what it was costing me. When the bill finally came and I was $25 off in my guess of how much we used the phones. It isn’t that hard to get the information before you travel, assuming it would be all free is foolish to the extreme.

streak: This isn’t an iPhone story per se or even an Apple story, but heck we’ve got an Apple forum here so why not complain where more people will read your complaint. It’s about the costs associated with international usage of a smart phone that uses a data plan. Voice calls when roaming internationally are also more expensive, but the $0.02/KB or $20/MB typically charged for data seems to be the most surprising fee. (And don’t forget to add taxes and regulatory fees on top of this). I doubt AT&T international roaming rates differ much from other carriers.

Buried in the description of the fees for international roaming is language that says you will be charged not just for the data bytes you’d expect, but you will also be billed for a variable, unspecified number of overhead bytes. Conceivably a 20 KB e-mail message could be inflated with overhead bytes to 200 KB, which would cost $4 (plus taxes and fees).

vvillovv: Seems like the mobile phone companies arn’t ready to let people become fullly mobile

mtzlblk: I have worked with all the major carrier before and they enforce on partners a strict policy of warning users about data usage and instructing them to be sure they have a data plan. It sucks that they changed the roaming policy and didn’t inform users and allowed them to rack up that kind of bill. They should actually implement some sort of system that sends a user s text message if they hit $100.00 of usage in a month, since signing up for a monthly plan would cost a lot less and anything over that amount would seem excesssive.


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