iPhone Touch Screen Could Wear Out in 3 to 6 Months

suxmonkeyApparently, the technology uses chemical deposition to register touch-inputs based on heat, but 3 to 6 months of “extensive use” would start to degrade the technology and cause a lose of sensitivity to touch-inputs. This suggests that the relatively new iPhone fleet in the US could start to exhibit similar problems with time.[…] Thanks to suxmonkey for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 861Diggs).

What other users say about this:

CuriousRead: I guess we’ll wait and see

WaveRunningNakd: wtf.

crazy idea: why don’t we WAIT and see what happens instead of pulling out the virtual crystal balls.

henrik.falk: You COULD all die today!

kaushalmodi: I had the same problem… got a dead strip on the top portion. Though I got a new replacement, I paid for the rental of $32. Now knowing that this is manufacturing defect, I am going back to the store for a refund.

e92fanatic: Who cares that the iPhone doesn’t use heat-sensing for the touchscreen. Jesus, don’t you Apple fanboys see the importance in this article? Don’t you understand that this “dead strip” is still an issue? Damnit, this is the kind of close-mindedness that gives Apple fanboys a bad name – and this is coming from a self-proclaimed iPhone fanboy.

Thankfully, I haven’t had this problem on my own iPhone.

damnyooneek: i have an iphone and tried playing with the one at the store to see the lcd model. i noticed the sensitivity was REALLY dull i had to tap hard and a couple of times before it registered my selection. so the screen issue might be true. i’m sure what its made out of but there might be a problem over time

TheNewFlesh: I suppose we’ll find out if 1st Gen iPhones last longer than the original iPods soon enough.

It would be most unfortunate to those early supporters.

piwy: A: This is stupidly inaccurate. Apple actually had a whole write-up + images /animations showing how the thing worked.

B: If it were true it would also be the case with, say, the LG Prada phone. (which btw suck mad balls when it comes to typing)

napk: Buried for being lame and inaccurate.

websyndicate: Please Windows Fan Boys make fun of us Apple Fans We still have a cooler phone and we’ve been on the market maybe a month

dienaked: From the article:

The iPhone does not use heat chemical deposition technology, nor does it detect inputs based on heat.

Buried as innacurate

iamsamsamiam: Where’s your Jesus-Phone now!?!?

EtherGnat: This article is bogus, but it brings up a good point. If you have problems with the touch screen on your iPhone you’re screwed until it is fixed. I had an issue with the touch screen on my WM5 phone, but was able to use it for months because it could be operated by the keyboard/hotkeys/D-pad.

johnpaul191: these anti-iphone articles based on complete out-the-ass bullshit speculation are amazing. no wonder people hate bloggers. a few spread shit like this with nothing more than some half-baked idea they got. it makes you wonder if they could someday be responsible for causing some sort of stock price manipulation, like what happened a few months ago.
they should pull the whole article. they leave the headline (for RSS readers) and put the little “update: we made this shit up” at the end. way to get traffic you fucks.

PerfectTommy: BREAKING NEWS: The iPhone will not bring world peace, Apple stock to plummet on news. Just more iPhone bashing.


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