It’s Official: Appleworks Is Dead

titlesaysitall“AppleWorks’ last breath was masked by last week’s iMac, iLife and iWork announcements – Apple has discontinued the product,”[…] Thanks to titlesaysitall for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 904Diggs).

What other users say about this:

BrayanTennison: No animal is so inexhaustible as an excited infant.

romeosc: Just because they no longer support it, doesn’t mean it won’t continue performing!

I have MS Office/word /Excel and I still use Appleworks since it works better than iWork!

pantuky: Hip-hip hooray! Now if the MacOS would only follow…

CobaltScribe: I have many fond memories of the Apple II version. This was back when an 80-column display mattered and hard drives were still considered exotic and not essential. I always found humor in the message “Carefully saving file”, as if anything regarding a floppy could be done with care. It’s rather like the passing of the Model T and the typewriter. Now rarely used items, but highly significant in their day.

Solstice: Good. The whole idea of “integrated applications” was great when computers couldn’t multitask and had no UI guidelines. It used to be a total bummer to have to quit your word processor to launch your spreadsheet. However, now that multitasking is ubquitous, a bunch of smaller apps can easily take the place of one giant application.

froggiestone: I LOVE the new imovie editor from apple. really awesome, and im not even a fanboy.
You can see the whole 1 hour keynote (the imac one) on apples HP somewhere.

naio: LOL, Crappleworks.

8bit_Hero: did dvorak predict this?

spiderworm: Nothing is official until Netcraft confirms it.

robwilkens: Anyone taking bets on how many years (or months) till they pronounce iWork to have no more iLife?

dagamer34: iWork still needs some work. No database program or drawing/painting app.

Mattman723: Now I’ll never recover those files from my iMac G3…

Diggernaut: I’m still mourning MacWrite

BLACKEAGLE: isheep freaks

ascotan: Released in 1984?? And its still around??

God it should have died 15 years ago.


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