Netflix promises instant viewing for Macs

titlesaysitall“While Netflix is committed to providing rental downloads to Mac users, the commitment depends solely on Apple, Microsoft, and the movie studios working together.”[…] Thanks to titlesaysitall for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 748Diggs).

What other users say about this:

radioraheem: buried as inaccurate. netflix isn’t promising anything here, just passing the buck (rightfully so, but still buck passing nonetheless)
I’d love to see them do it though.

jenhorne: Even though I can just fire up Parallels and watch the video, I’d like it if it were available to us mac users natively. Running parallels eats up a lot of processor for me, and I’d rather not have to do that. I saw the video of the Netflix CEO a few months ago promising native mac support and support for other browsers such as Firefox, but since then I haven’t heard any news, which is disconcerting because I am paying the same fee as a PC user, yet I’m not getting the same features.

RossPelton: Microsoft doesn’t want to release it for powerpc macs? So do they want their customers to buy new macs?

sgglynn: I plan on never canceling my netflix. I have so much hated for Blockbuster (Worked there for 4 years) and Blockbuster Online are just trying to force out netflix so they can raise their prices. Just like they did with stores, a video game rental is now like $9.00, wtf, they were $5.29 back when there was competition, yeah, prices of games go up, but N64 games were still like $50 back then) They will do the same thing with blockbuster online if netflix goes out of business.

idano: It’s funny, I just signed up for Netfilx the other day and was bummed when I could what a movie on my Macbook. I said oh well and fired up Parallels and watched the movie on Windows XP – on my Mac.

What’s the big deal?

RandoTheKing: What about instant viewing for firefox users?

PS: Most of the instant view movies suck anyway…

HarleyQuinn: This is a perfect example of the consumer being screwed by DRM. The studios dictating what we can do.

As a Netfilx user what is the difference if I get a DVD then RIP it? To say they can’t bring watch it now to a Mac or Unix platform “because of studio approved DRM” is ludicrous.

What the studios and everyone else fails to realize if ALL content was ON DEMAND anytime via your normal “paid for / subscription” outlets (Cable, Sat, Netfilx, iTunes) the majority of people would use those services rather than screwing around trying to obtain things illegally. If you make make media available, convienent and “at a fair price” everyone is happy.

dcbowe: If Apple can work out a deal, like they did with YouTube, to get netflix integration on the AppleTV, I just might wet myself

peterman81: meh, parallels.

deleuex: All we need now is Joost to make this same promise for Power PC macs and it would make alot of people happy

dillibob: what about those using firefox? or have they fixed that already?

geekee: Wow, the description in the post is terrivle. Stupid fanboys.

“A key issue for delivering movies online is that the studios require use of DRM (Digital Rights Management) to protect titles. And that’s our holdup for the Mac – there’s not yet a studio-sanctioned, publicly-available Mac DRM solution (Apple doesn’t license theirs). “

adizzy615: From what I have read in the past, netflix will probably using silverlight for movies on demand some time later this year. Silverlight on macs/windows, safari/ie/firefox, and soon linux (moonlight).

nphase: We’ve seen in the past how heavily DRM digs into the OS. Even if they do come up with a way to have MS’ DRM solution playable on the Mac, I will most certainly not be a subscriber of Netflix instant viewing service. I don’t want my new mac to turn buggy and defective a la windows

TimmyGUNZ: I’d like to see them work out a deal with the Xbox Live Marketplace where you can stream movies from their library right to your console. XBLM really has hit the nail on the head with HD (and non HD) digital delivery and a Netflix partnership seems like the best move for everyone involved. Besides, I think more people would get use out of the steaming service if they could have it go right on their TV rather than their PCs.


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