New Skype 2.7 for Mac (Beta) Released

maheshee11If Mac owners were feeling left behind by all the upgrades Skype[…] Thanks to maheshee11 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 658Diggs).

What other users say about this:

corrosion: And still they didn’t make a GNU/Linux version with support for video! 😦

pixeldust: Me and some others seem to have a problem with this beta not correctly displaying our contact lists. If I have mine set to show my address book contacts when I restart Skype it only shows my address book contacts and nothing else unless I fiddle with it, then if I restart it the settings don’t seem to be saved. If I disable show address book contacts then it works fine.

miniboss: Does this have the video conference recording that they added to that last Windows beta?

ffleming: sweet, i was hoping for some blogspam

yeahbuddy: nm

astrosmash: Do they still have that free Skype-to-phone deal going on, or is it just Skype-to-Skype now?

corsairstw: Skype for mac has video…

Eagon: pretty lame tbh, I don’t need integration with address book, I need video

Labonline: This upgrade imports your address book contacts. This is a nice feature 🙂

mywhitenoise: Fuck Skype, I deleted that application as soon as they started charging for local calls.

TheKorn2: SO THE FUCK WHAT? Seriously, WHO GIVES A SHIT??!? It’s a *point upgrade*. WHOOPIE-DAMN-DOO!

Dhalgren: I want a command line skype that ties into my asterisk server… Get working on that.

allywilson: Where, oh where, is my VIDEO CONFERENCING?! I’ve been waiting a long, long time – and still nothing!

theholotrope: Direct linkage:

akanights: Mmmhhh… and linux ?


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