Punch Out! Comes to the iPhone.

NirgaulKick the crap out of Glass Joe for old time’s sake.Instructions:Throw uppercuts to the face or jabs to the stomach by tapping the screen. Dodge left or right by tapping the lower left/right corners of the screen.Tips: Tap screen *slowly* if you get knocked out. Punch opponent directly after he takes a swing to get a stun punch.[…] Thanks to Nirgaul for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 17Diggs).

What other users say about this:

Nirgaul: You can’t block, but you can dodge a punch. Tap the icons in the corners.

mrfcobf: Very cool, but how do you block!?

CAcute: Holy moly! My eyes are deceiving me. I have to find someone with an iPhone so I can see what it looks like there. Freakin’ awesome! Kudos to you!!!!!!!!!!!

coursevector: Awesome

sondun2001: Classic

conbot: Looks neat! Too bad it doesn’t run natively.


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