This is what happens when you run over a Macbook Pro [PICS]

LemonSnapsAmazingly, the damn thing still works. I know what laptop I am getting next![…] Thanks to LemonSnaps for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 2162Diggs).

What other users say about this:

BiggidyBiggidyB: Ok, but, “Will it blend?”

punkfoo: Same thing happened to this iBook. Other than the screen you’d never know it was run over. Pretty amazing:

BLACKEAGLE: thats nothing most laptops can take that and then some

TheUberDork: I almost cried a little. I got my santa rosa chip Mac Book Pro. up until then I was a die hard Windows system user, I’ve even built a few PCs from scratch. I’m since converted, sorry guys, the PC literally feels like a toy compared to the sleek Mac Book Pro. Anyhow I’ve been fretting about any tiny little scratch or ding praying that I can afford a case for it soon before something sinister can happen to it like this. I feel bad for that guy.

PimpMoneyRich: “ThinkPads survive much better than this thing did”

Like Windows for example…more specifically Vista perhaps

Gneisbaard: Yes, cause when you own a mac and use it, you will get an irresistible urge to run it over.

Nickdotnet: Nothing. I used to work as a Mac Genius. I saw one that I could literally reach inside and grab the INTACT hard drive out. The customer had supposedly “dropped it.” More like her bro-ed out boyfriend got pissed and launched it across the room.

Nyukin: One time my logic board in my iBook broke.
Apple fixed it for free.
It had a month of warranty left.

Applecare isn’t so bad.

GeorgeCostanza: Yes, but will it blend?

Wildren: I just bought one, it’s amazing! I love it.

PirateMLifnen: Why buy a MBP, when you can get a ThinkPad?

Enlightenment: I’ll bet it won’t work after being run over with one of these vehicles that had a full load…

hitnrun09: No joke: I ran over mine too the third day I had it. I was unloaded stuff out of my car and didn’t realize I left my messenger bag with my ipod, my laptop, and my TI-84 calculator in it. Of the three, all of them still work.

Had to replace the screen on the laptop. I got done at a different apple repair site for less than half the price the apple store would do… I’m pretty sure it was $400. So, really, you can get it done for a lot cheaper.

And I’m typing this on that same laptop.

TheMidnight: I’m going to run over my iPhone with my two ton Dodge Charger. If it survives, then I won’t be afraid of dropping it.

eldac: damn, I would have gotten back in my car and cried like a baby….


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