Tutorial: Make a Quartz Composition Part I

msaleemQuartz Composer, like Cover Flow, is one of those cool little gems of independent Mac software that Apple has acquired. Even though they weren’t created within Cupertino, these apps have changed the way we use and even think of Mac OS X.[…] Thanks to msaleem for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 428Diggs).

What other users say about this:

McduffyAdonis: Women will forgive anything. Otherwise, the race would have died out long ago

pinchies: Ive been making my own for just over a year. Does anybody know of any forums for .qtz file sharing? – thanks in advance

NSResponder: You could also go right to Apple’s developer web site, and start with a rather better tutorial:



sdm011: The first videos of this podcast are video tutorials for quartz. They helped me start to learn it. http://ubergeek.churchtechtalk.com/. Also check out the Apple’s quartz programming guide if you want to learn how to turn these into native mac applications.

Quartz Programming Guide:

PowerCat1: Upon reading the title, I thought I was gonna read about a way to create quartz crystals 😛

jtb4: Um, thanks for the “tutorial” that basically advertises joining your RSS feed.

veritech: I found the post before it got posted on digg, and i’ve been playing with it for an hour, i can see that it has the ability to be very powerful.

Looking forward to working it into my apps.

samsoffes: Quartz Composer has been in os x for awhile now. It’s purpose is to create and manipulate graphics in realtime. It is going to be a big part of 10.5

dgtljunglist: Making screensavers with QC is really slick, though unfortunately they do tend to run just a bit slower than native ones…
You can do stuff like pick up mic levels or the ambient light sensor. I think there was even something about MIDI control…

chiliwilli: soooo… what’s the purpose of Quartz?

elfprince13: 104 diggs and only 3 comments. i love it when that happens

seattle98104: don’t tell anyone, but you can make your own custom filters and titles with QC for iMovie …

on imoviehd.app do show package contents and find the example quartz compositions and modify and save new ones.

h3xley: I’m pretty sure Apple made Quartz Composer themselves…


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