Don’t Buy an iPod Right Now!!!

kayakin3dSources at retailers are continuing to tell us that Apple is slowing down iPod shipments, strongly suggesting the company is running out its current stock to make room on shelves for new product.[…] Thanks to kayakin3d for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

randomdigger: Okay, I won’t. I plan on buying a 2GB Muvo. If they’re anything like my old Muvo, it’s easier to deal with, and you can just pop in a new AAA battery when you’re low on power. Plus drag n drop mp3 support.

‘n stuff.

Bizdorph: Correction: do not buy an iPod. They are the stupidest invention after the iPhone. Buying either is like whacking off while lying down and blowing your load on your own stomach: you might feel good for a second, but then you’re transformed into a sticky, remorse-filled mess when you realise all the time and effort you’ve wasted.

Konstantinopol: It’s not insignificant that the underlying assumption throughout this entire piece is that the reader will, at some point, buy themselves an Ipod.

kevyn: just give me a couple of hundred gig ipod, with no video support, and an amazing system for browsing my music and i’ll be happy.


BelieveItYo: ahhhh. Seriously what the hell could it be. Apple is so good at marketing.

digjam: i m waiting for 7g ipod….once thats out i ll wait for the 8g and then 9g…..and the wait continues…
BTW i have archos av500… the mother of ipod.. 😉

DeFex: Go ahead and buy one. it will break soon enough, then you can get the fancy new wide screen one.

Shooter1228: “No, DO BUY IT NOW!
The way you can clear the stock, and I can finally get my widescreen iPod. I’ve waited about to fucking years for this update.”….lol exactly

jsayreallen: there is already a widescreen iPod – the current line.

Also, I don’t think Apple will cannibalize their iPhone sales with an iPod that looks/feels the same sans phone. I just don’t see it happening.

TempestStorm: Quit your bitchin’. It’ll come out when it comes out and as cool as a touch screen iPod would be, what’s the use when listening to an .Mp3 or watching a video. The Video works fine, deal with it. (Mini pwns too, thing is a tank

Surkit: Zune is better anyways.

djchew: Who cares!!!!??!

DMBmelch: …also, this just in. Don’t buy a Zune right now!!
Not that a new one is coming or anything, Zune’s just suck….so um…yea, don’t buy one!

DMBmelch: You can’t wait forever….after the 6th Gen, the 7th Gen rumors will start…

I bought a 2001 Honda Civic, and they came out with a 2002!!! No way!

Buy it if you like what it does……if its not good enough then dont.


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