iPhone users find SMS’ing is 2x slower than on QWERTY Phones

geekchicIt took QWERTY users almost twice as long to create the same message on the iPhone as it did on their QWERTY phone. While there was improvement over time, the difference persisted even after using the iPhone for 30 minutes.[…] Thanks to geekchic for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 42Diggs).

What other users say about this:

Reclinatron: LOL! 30 minutes. To be fair you’d have to give it at least a few days. That study was a waste of time.

fanboydcs: well you need a group of iPhone power users and a group of Treo / Other querty smartphone users and see who can type faster.

If you get newbies that don’t know how to trust the iPhone keyboard then its not going to work well..

transversed: They call this a study? With a low population group, biased statistics, and an ignorant experimental design these guys proved very little.

Schelske: My experience moving from a Treo to iPhone disagrees with this. By actually trusting the auto-correct, I’m typing much faster on my iPhone than on the physical keyboard I used before. Buried as inaccurate.

streak: Apple recommends giving the keyboard a week, which is well within the evaluation period. Consequently this study is flawed from the perspective of being useful to consumers–except that it should make people not worry so much about purchasing an iPhone, just because the keyboard doesn’t feel comfortable while test-driving iPhones in the store. In my personal experience, I’ve not had a need to type very much at all on the iPhone but my skills nevertheless “magically” improved to where I’ve been very comfortable using it for weeks now. It seems part of the adaptation to the iPhone is actually the iPhone adapting to its user. In fact, I believe Apple has a video somewhere on its web site that basically says this.

Buried inaccurate.

ncaauwe: That survey outright contradicts what I’ve heard from every individual iPhone user I’ve listened to speak of the keyboard. EVERY phone takes getting used to. I’ve switched phones four or five times in the past 12 months; they all are different, especially given just a few minutes with it. Holy crap…buried for being retarded.

Ireland: Apparently the iPhone keyboard takes a week to master, kind of like this new Apple keyboard I’m typing on now I think, but I’m typing way faster on this thing now than any other keyboard I owned before, so I’m going to give Apple the benefit of the doubt on this one. And if in doubt there’s always YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSymuhuBZwM&watch_response

badwithcomputer: I think only 30 minutse is a little unfair considering people involved in the test had been using QWERTY phones for a long time. I never had a smart phone and found I could type quicker on my iPhone than on any full QWERTY phone I picked up before or since.


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