Top Requested Apple iPhone Apps, with Mockups!

embracewareThese conceptualized iPhone apps, including a mobile movie studio app, VoIP, sketching, and iTunes store for iPhone, look like they could’ve come straight from Cupertino…[…] Thanks to embraceware for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 833Diggs).

What other users say about this:

bjarkebech: That is the coolest blog layout i’ve ever seen.

ScrumFritter: Does anyone else think an iPhone SDK is inevitable? I don’t doubt at all that soon Apple will release one. I mean think about it, the state of hacks right now is quite impressive, given it’s not even been 2 months since it’s release; imagine what that’s going to be like in a few months time, by Christmas? By this time next year, even? Apple can’t seriously have that many people hacking it’s device to get the functionality they want… eventually they are going to have to make it legitimate to create apps for it… at the very least to save face.

I’m guessing they didn’t release the SDK because it wasn’t ready yet. Perhaps they’re trying to ensure that 3rd party apps won’t compromise the integrity of the OS?

l0rdn1k0n: Searching through contacts? That was ridiculous not to include.

dougdug: I would go for the T-Mobile VOIP clone on my iPhone since the AT&T reception at my home just sucks.

l0rdn1k0n: Here’s a great one: The ability to SEARCH through my 2000 contacts. Hell, Windows Mobile has that (correct me if I’m wrong, I’m pretty sure though)

HelloNavi: The ebook program might actually put me over the top on the “will I shell out THAT MUCH MONEY for a good damned phone” debate.

mrroarke: How about WM6 so we can pretty much get all of those at once?

jabberwolf: Wow these requests are almost like the ones already on other Smartphones.
How “innovative” it would be if Apple would get up to par with the rest of the phones out there!
(burns another black turtle neck shirt!!)

dewar2002: I know the medical software epocrates is top on the list for most people in medicine. I think there is even a petition somewhere about it. Going through safari just doesn’t cut it and it sucks to have to carry two devices.

cl0r0x70: iPhone needs an ssh client. At that point, I get one.

spargett: The eBook reader looks fucking awesome, beautiful mock. I would love something like that. The VoIP would kick so much ass, even though I know that its the least likely of all.

I really like the sketch, such a valuable tool when trying to explain a concept to someone when words just wont do.

djdole: Can I has Delicious Library for 2 CATalog chezburgerz?

nutmac: iMovie and eBook look nice and all, but top requested? I can think of other apps more frequently cited as missing, such as iChat, MMS, to do list, games, and file browser (with additional viewers).

kdhoffman: How about the ability to edit song information, like genre, artist, song name, even attach artwork from the camera or Safari images.

exomni: lol at VoIP. Never going to happen. iPhones get unlimited calls anyways.

iBook reader concept looked nice. I love the Delicious Library clone interface.


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