Apple Expo Paris – September 25-29th. New Products?

obeezyApple Expo takes place on September 25-29th this year in Paris, France. In recent years, Apple has not used Apple Expo in Paris as a launching ground for new products. The last official Apple keynote speech was given in 2004 by Phil Schiller and introduced the iMac G5. The last time Steve Jobs pa…[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 22Diggs).

What other users say about this:

Quickdood: I bet they won’t announce a new Ipod in europe, it probably is just going to focus on bringing the iphone to europe. Does anyone know if Europe gets their Apple products the same time the US does? If not then I bet Apple on Sept 18th releases the new widescreen touch ipod which will not have any wifi or bluetooth capabilities due to the fact we haven’t seen any FCC approval requests yet. I also bet Apple will only release this Ipod in the US for now and will wait for the iphone to get some traction in Europe before releasing the new ipod there.

badwithcomputer: iPhone with GPS maybe? I won’t hold my breath.


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