Early iPhone Adopters Extremely Satisfied: Best Rating of any Cell Phone

CLIFFosakaJAPANBetter than three-in-four (77%) owners report they are Very Satisfied with their Apple iPhone and another 15% say they are Somewhat Satisfied, for a combined 92% Satisfaction Rating – the best we’ve seen for a cellular phone device[…] Thanks to CLIFFosakaJAPAN for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 989Diggs).

What other users say about this:

optophobia: Well I have an iphone and so does my friend. When he calls me it sounds as though he is underwater. Also I have heard other people saying when I call them, it sounds muffled too. Does anyone else get this. The rest of the phone is great but the actual phone quality is pretty poor. I don’t mind that much cos I hardly use it for a phone.
I would be interested to hear other peoples feedback.

scotticus: I don’t get this thread… my posts don’t stick

bigwillystyle: I cant wait to get mine. Only complain is the 8 gigs of onboard memory.( i know im being a little ridiculous) But that should hold all of my favorite music and videos.

gladio: e sticazzi non ce lo mettete? do ya know that?

jabberwolf: If I had purchased something for 600 bucks, and was asked if I were happy with it or not?
If you answer no, then you’ll look like the fucking mactard you are for buying into the hype.
So who would actually answer no, unless they were royally pissed off.

It’s so lacking (like most expensive Apple products) that people make excuses for having it or face looking as stupid as they really are!

Ok lets start the digg down from the mactard nation.

jamesrouse: For starters I work for AT&T and I own an iPhone and a Blackberry. They both have their place. The iPhone is great for entertainment and personal use. However, if you depend on email, Blackberry or Windows Mobile w/ Direct Push is the way to go.

bloodclot: Of course iphone customers are extremely satisfied, if I owned an iphone / paid $600 for a phone, I would NEVER look at the phone’s negatives.

shortysmyname: I have to admit I love my iPhone…I wanted to hate it, I really did. I had a HTC P3450 before and it was nowhere near as good as the iPhone.

digitallysick: i wish it were cheaper, and had some better options, having to use ifuntastic is great, luckly we got that.

gailwin: i’d say fuck the iPhone! it’s overpriced and lacks a lot of features cheaper phones have, like 3G.

and the keyboard fucking sucks

wait… what keyboard?
well whatever it is it fucking sucks!

Economist35: what about the poor 13% that are stuck with a $600 phone and a 2 year service agreement? poor fools.

ohmar: Its because the drink the freakin Apple Kool-Aid

kufurex: It’s a God damned phone…get over it. I see morons all the time carrying around their iPhone and talking about it like it’s the best thing ever made. Recently at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, this older guy was trying to impress his younger date with his iPhone.

You like your phone? Great! Now, shut the fuck up!

OHiggins: This what your stupid arguments amount to:

Digger #1: I like this kind of taco because I enjoy the taste.
Digger #2: But that taco is expensive, WHY would you EVER by such an expensive taco you idiot?! It doesn’t even have as many toppings as other, cheaper tacos!
Digger #1: I enjoy the taste, and in my opinion this taco is worth it.
Digger #2: You are clearly a moron and obviously deluded for enjoying this taco.

scotticus: http://blogs.consumerreports.org/electronics/2007/07/iphone-the-cell.html

I commented on this before, but apparently saying that the iphone is less than stellar is offensive to diggers.


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