Ironic: Apple’s New Tiny Keyboard Ships in a Ginourmous Box

chanporyIt’s no surprise that Apple’s new sexy keyboard packs a lot of eye candy into a waifish body. Apple just loves sleek, minimal design. So why does the keyboard ship in a box a billion times its size?[…] Thanks to chanpory for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 47Diggs).

What other users say about this:

cwcheang: Maybe Apple saw this video:

10goto10: Maybe the rest of the box held all the hot air that comes with each Apple product.

ncaauwe: I got mine in a box that big too, and wondered why they couldn’t have just shipped it in the small box. It was the same way they shipped me the old keyboard earlier this year, which happened to be about a week after Apple became a Green company. In fact, I was going to post my own pictures soon, looks like you beat me to it =)

JGaskin: I can verify that that’s the box it came in, I signed for it at the office. This is a total waste of resources.
(That’s me in one of the photos on the lifeclever site)

titanicfan: i belive it, but apple’s display packaging should NEVER be used for shipping, but they do that with there servers

chanpory: Nope, that’s the real box it came in.

OS2Guy: Apple doesn’t ship in the box you display. My new keyboard arrived in a box just a bit bigger than the keyboard itself. I think you’ve fudged the box claim to gain a little publicity. Bury it.


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