The secrets to Apple’s success in marketing to teenagers

MrBabyManFor some time now, Apple has been noted for its ability to sell products (even expensive ones) to teenagers and for its high brand recognition. So why does Apple do so well with teens?[…] Thanks to MrBabyMan for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 107Diggs).

What other users say about this:

chris9902: They aren’t Microsoft. That’s it. If Apple was #1 and 90% of people used it they would look for something else.

stuartjmoore: It’s because they don’t sell an “eXtreme Mac!!!!”

maklershed: Teenagers like it cause they wanna be cool like Kevin Rose.

SwissCamel: Teenagers are stupid and do what they are told, even if they don’t think or recognize that.

schestowitz: Young people are more receptive toward exploration and change. They are not Luddites.

Darkhacker: I saw a television program (I think it was on CNBC) about the iPod. They mentioned one of the big things was the white ear buds. Before the iPod, everyone either wore black ear buds or black headphones. The players themselves were dark colors too. All you need is a hip trendy person to walk around with a bright white MP3 player and white ear buds, acting like they are “teh shitz”. I personally think it is the fact that you would stand out in a crowd with an iPod that made it a success.

As for their laptops…

mseneschal: “Unique Cultural Cachet”
1. Meet a real need.
2. Design matters.
3. Let fans and the media do your marketing.
4. You don’t have to be for teens to reach teens.

If every company focused on the first bullet, ‘meet the REAL need’ then we would have much better products.

rickcarson: Isn’t it interesting that the question is even asked. Noone scratches their head trying to figure out why Nike is so successful at appealing to teenagers (except, to emulate them).

Unlike many adults, teenagers _don’t have an emotional stake in Apple’s failure_.

For them, Apple will pretty much always have been the plucky underdog. They won’t remember the dark years where Apple wandered in the wilderness (pre 97). Teenagers wouldn’t have been sitting around on their couches drinking beer with their buddies and saying “yup, Apple is shurely doomed, might as well close up shop and give the remaining money back to the investors, ayup”.

Teenagers won’t have lost money on Apple stock.

Teenagers won’t have invested their reputation telling everyone that Windows is the way of the future.

For most teenagers, Apple is just a company that makes cool stuff. What is the big deal about that, no shortage of companies like that. Why so much emotional baggage? Sheesh.


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