Apple Bootcamp gets better

NakamotoMicrosoft employee blogs: “I think all my future PCees will be Macs.”[…] Thanks to Nakamoto for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1830Diggs).

What other users say about this:

dandonia: I really want a mac

swean: Apple will never have my money, period.

SlipGreen: i love the troll-tastic arguments of “OMFG IT CANT PLAY GAMEZZZZZZZZZ”
…if we can play both mac and pc games that argument is no longer valid


mac pro pcs offer power users upgradable aspects to work on their rig…
…so you can put in that new card you want…


seriously, 18 year olds that have an entire view based off of imac ads on the internet should own one or age about 5 years before posting “OMFG NO GAMEZ OR RAM UPGRADZ LAWLW!”

canthraxp: Apple users: Functionality == bling bling

Shootfast: The volume buttons look exactly the same as they do on ubuntu

stevejobber: Too much hate on apple at digg. Go to instead. Great Apple related digg style site.

PDG1: buried for being a lame story
Graphics are cool and all… but bootcamp isn’t made from good graphics
I really fail to see how this got dugg so many times…
I’m really not much of an apple fan… I don’t so much hate macs as I do the people who use them. I don’t like the Mac mentality.
it’s like people don’t care HOW it works… as long as it looks pretty
windows drivers are cool 2…
Windows has had them for a while now:P

sdlvx: God you macfags it’s a fucking bootloader. WOOP DE FUCKING WOOOO.

Rileyper: WAIT…so what the hell is the improvement

dragonopolis: Just because Steve Jobs is too damn stubborn to give one of the Largest Consumer Entertainment/Uses for a computing device (which is Gaming if you don’t know) doesn’t make it a bad OS just a “very good narrow minded ” OS.

So it is nice that Apple at least gives it customers who do love gaming an option to install an OS that does give Gamers some love.

Poor Stevey. If he only new the rush of adoption Macs would have if he supported Gamers on the hardware side (mid tier Pro or Very High Consumer model) as well as the software side (Give Developers Apple’s version of a DirectX or OpenGL and give the game developers some love which in turn will give Mac users and Gamers who want to go to Mac but don’t want to hassel with Multiple OSes some love also).

Or maybe that is why Apple doesn’t Support Gamers. The burden of all those switchers (assuming Apple did it right here folks) would put a poor strain on their hardware and even software development they prefer to just let Microsoft be the game OS and Apple can stay Small.

CosbyKillah: i have always been a fan of having 2 OSs on one computer it is more efficient then spending twice the amount of money on 2 computers when you can have one computer run both windows and mac, simply put the idea is genius and the easier and less buggy the entire ordeal get the better

qwerty69: I dugg this because Bootcamp is a good technology, but I hope nobody is implying that the drivers are perfect?

Am I the only person to press Alt F4 to try and close an application only to have the Volume decrease instead.

Apple a little more negative testing next time please.

sdlvx: Fucking macfags. The article consisted of

“The volume glyphs look pretty.”

“New windows front end gives you lots of functionality.”

What the fuck, there’s like 3 options on the whole boot camp thing. Are you macfags this fucking stupid that as soon as you see something beyond drag and drop or checking boxes, that it impresses you?

And what the fuck how is this one of the most dug stories? I think the volume thing is pretty gay. Who the fuck needs a giant translucent icon to take up half of your screen when you change the volume? It’s HUGE! And then it makes that cumdrop sound when you change it (I know, my sister has a mac) which is the most obnoxious sound i have heard in my life.

I swear I’m so tired of you macfags running around. Why don’t you buy an OS that is actually coded, and not some shitty compilation of FOSS software and Jobs and fatass Woz jizzing over the iFace for a year because that’s all they have to do is make things look pretty.


If this retard is going to switch to OSX because of pretty volume controls and a watered down shitty windows utility, he’s a dumb fuck. I really don’t care, because if most of the people in the CS field are this retarded, It’s all going to be like a walk in the park for me.

subtle: It’s so tragic that this lameass article made the front page just because it said: OMFG Mac FTW!!!

Memnochxx: I think the solution for the trackpad is not to use it, get a thinkpad, and use a trackpoint. There. A trackpoint and 3 mouse buttons. It’s the best setup.


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