EA Finally Delivers Those Mac Games

BLONGOYo! The Apple store finally has those Mac games EA promised this summer. This week, plenty of Mac sites (with writers who have never heard of this thing called the X-BOX) have complained about the ship delay.[…] Thanks to BLONGO for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 956Diggs).

What other users say about this:

DarkDx: Why the hell didn’t apple put 8600s or 8800s in their new iMac? I guess Jobs was in crack or something

theboozer: More games on the Mac is never a bad thing.

anarchy99: this is such crap there not native there running in cider which is a mac implentation of cedegra
if you want you can make your own games using might and magic V (or compile cedegra source which is free)
i made ea mac lineup before ea released it just cause they pissed me off pretending to support macs
heres how using need for speed carbon as a example:
1) you need and NFS Installed with no-cd Crack
2) download Heroes of Might of Magic 5 for osx
3) apply crack on it and see if is running (if it does your good to go)
4) Do show package contents on the heroes app and go to “Contents/Resources/trnasgamming/c_drive/Program Files/” and put there Your Need For Speed installed game
5) Copy this dlls from windows into c_drive/windows/system32/: d3d9_24.dll to d3d9_32.dll (you can find this dlls on the web too)
6) Open Info.plist from Contents folder and change Cedega Game dir and Name to:
c:Program FilesElectronic ArtsNeed for Speed Most Wanted
c:Program FilesElectronic ArtsNeed for Speed Most Wantedspeed.exe

Spinney: why don’t they just dual boot and then BAM the entire Windows game catalog

bigredsk10: Will you be able to play the mac C&C3 on a LAN with a windows computer?

LMN8R: New iMac owners – have fun playing games with that piece of shit HD2600.

*still utterly baffled why MacBook Pros have a superior graphics chip to iMacs*

Septimus: Wow. Native Mac games, which aren’t actually native. Man EA sucks. Wonder how much of a performance loss there is with Cider?

nizam: for those of you complaining about the intel gma 950 issue, that damn thing can’t even support hardware transform and lighting. that right there cuts off its ability to play a majority of games.

xqb4dpx: Dugg for beginning the description with Yo!

jakelowe1: i have a Macbook Pro 2.16GHz intel core 2 duo, 2gb RAM, 128mb ATI x1600, 120gb 5400rpm, 6x DVD-DL drive, 15.4inch 1440×900.
will any of these games run smoothly and with reasonable graphics. would having 3gb of RAM instead of 2gb make a big difference?

wandomike: Mac = Not a games Machine.

skoles: So these will not work at all for the PPC Macs?

HideoKojima: A bunch of shitty games, how exciting.

Bytor: Aren’t these just packed up with some converter like wine, they are not actually coded for Mac. It would be interesting to see how much slower they are as a result.

Trat: Cool, finally we Mac users get what we deserve. Let’s show our gratitude back. I’m firing up the piratebay as I type this!


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