iPhone Apper: Add iPhone web apps to the main menu

koregaonpark“Tired of going all the way to MobileSafari on your iPhone to use web apps that were built with the “sweet” iPhone SDK? Provide iPhone Apper with a URL, name, and icon… and iPhone Apper will provide you with an application to install onto your iPhone.”[…] Thanks to koregaonpark for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 594Diggs).

What other users say about this:

yesman4v: this is my comment

andycr512: When I read the title I saw “iPhone RAPper…”

I really didn’t need that mental image this early on.

vvaduva: I just refuse to run jailbreak on my phone – I can see it coming…version 1.2 coming out bricking all jailbreaked iphones. I can’t get myself to take that risk

dansmeek: oh shit. i thought i broke my iphone! not from this app, but from jailbreak. all in all (w/debugging and such) I may have jailbreaked my phone over 100 times. What’s worse is I had two apps (terminal and lights) that would have proved I voided my warranty Jailbreak failed, and then lost connection with my iPhone. iTunes did not recognize it. I could turn it off and on (sort of, it took 2 minutes for it to turn on, and while graphics were displayed, they were not able to be manipulated). Lots of solutions I tried. I then hoped that connecting the phone to itunes in recovery mode would work. Thank god. The first time I tried it, it did not work – i don’t know why. Second time it did. I found it weird cuz iPhone wan’t even registering with the iTunes. Only iActivator could even telling I was attemping to connect it.

So basically, I think that if you use jailbreak enough times, you’re phone might get fucked. I am going to be more careful and use that program less. The iPhone was very weird….. it was running at about 1/100th of the speed. I’m putting my ringtones on, a few apps, and then just letting it be until apple gives a real update.

I still think Apple would refund the phone if I had managed to break it. It would be bad PR.

krokodil: Vote for this feature, so Apple may add it:


I know, they are reading this site

mobilehavoc: So fucking lame…so I have to hack my iPhone through an elaborate process to allow me to even install this and all I get is the ability to add 3 BOOKMARKS on my homescreen. Because clicking bookmarks in Safari is so fucking difficult.

This has to be THE lamest iPhone tool ever.

pr5owner: what if you add to many icons to fit on the home screen? how do you scroll? flick the screen?

websyndicate: freaking sweet. Thanks for the open platform Steve Jobs

wowatmz: http://www.wowatm.com

battletops: There is no reason Apple couldn’t have allowed at least this.

Rice: I don’t even have one, but this excites me.

alexkehr: Using this or any other third party app will terminate the warranty, right?

PhrosTT: since when can u install stuff w/out hacking it?

koregaonpark: Direct link: http://www.jonsthoughtsoneverything.com/iphone_apper/


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