Credit Where Due | “New and Improved iPhone — by Hackers”

verge“Well, that was quick. The hacker community has taken over the iPhone. Heck, in some cases, hackers are already releasing updated versions of their underground software.” Some welcomed independent journalism from the Washington Post.[…] Thanks to verge for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 18Diggs).

What other users say about this:

mobilehavoc: So far I haven’t found anything worth hacking my iPhone for. That and the fact that it looks like with every software upgrade anybody who hacked their iPhone has to go through a tedious full restore to update which means losing some things that don’t get backed up. Maybe when they come out with something really worthwhile I’ll take the plunge but right now it’s all just a bunch of people coming up with as many apps as they can without really putting much thought into it.

duggtodeath: Later, the CIA visited the site and the building magically collapsed after they had planted large, box-shaped “thermometers” at key structural stress points. This is in keeping with the post-9/11 physics which states that dissent is unpatriotic.


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