Steve Jobs’ Grave [Image]

HeggyTitle . .[…] Thanks to Heggy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

phantomcheg: This will be the last project by Steve 🙂

naio: iWish it was true.

Nextrix: “What is it?” “It’s an iHouse.” “But it has no windows…” “EXACTLY! Hahahaha…..”

cfuse: iDontGiveACrap – everyone knows that when one falls, two spring up to take its’ place.

MrViklund: Ehh. That’s not Jobs grave stone. That’s Bill Gates. This Image is inaccurate. Buried.

directsun: Pretty soon “Title says it all” is going to be shortened to just “T”

skinfitz: Steve Jobs is not dead. Buried as inaccurate…

penguincentral: Amazing, simply amazing.

Hooded38: I thought it would say ‘Boom’.

covic: Definitely different!

DanGleesacks: RiP

TheSubStylee: When was the last time you saw a fatal error on a mac? Does this mean Steve Jobs will live forever?

anmarizer: Can anyone believe this is the most popular topic of all time on
It’s got 3020 Diggs so far!!
That’s interesting!!

Jawmht: That is retarded.

supermanred: Will Bill’s have a huge bluescreen above it?


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