The original Apple iPod – from 1979

geekchicPerhaps the oddest item in the museum’s collection is another Apple piece. It is a giant briefcase inside of which early Apple employee Daniel Kottke built, what was essentially an early Mac prototype and which also was a portable music player.[…] Thanks to geekchic for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 704Diggs).

What other users say about this:

TdiFFRob6876: Dugg for Xerox Alto… Ha Xerox makes paper.

meshman: “This is the ancestor of the iPod.”

The reasons why this claim is a giant pile would be too numerous to list here.

chuckiej: No photos in article of any machines = lame

mikehill33: Gotta love CNet keeping to the purist (read: failed) strategy of not hyper linking outside the site.

blurplevtx: Flickr mirror:

motheroats: just imagine, we can revolutionize the cd industry. one iPod at a time….

bassman730: Pictures or it didn’t happen

HappyScrappy: So, by playing music, they meant it had a musical keyboard attached to it (see pics).

That makes it an instrument, not a music player.


There. Diggers, you didn’t seem to see the first comment, maybe that will catch your respective eyeballs.


TeamWookie: How many uncompressed songs can you fit on a floppy disk from 1979? That computer is not an ipod prototype.

ExSlashdotter: no pic + cnet = no digg

rdwarlock: No Pic, No Care

dajuggernaut: no picture = no digg

PhoenixAvatar2: Description says it all?


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