Trip down memory lane: Woz the car salesman

koregaonpark“Long before he began dating Kathy Griffin, Steve Wozniak was bitten by the show-biz bug and agreed to appear in the 2nd best Datsun 280Z commercial ever.”[…] Thanks to koregaonpark for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 746Diggs).

What other users say about this:

FelixdaaHack: Another Boing Boing viewer beat me to it 😛

joe361: The fat fuck couldn’t even fit in that car now.

airdrummer: funny how woz looks like a geico caveman;-)

MrViklund: LOL! 😀
He’s tha man!

theMcPatriot: Dugg for Black Gooooooooold!


[trademarked Datsun catchphrase]

floam: Black Gooold!

jimsf: Wow! What a flashback. I don’t think I’ve seen that commercial since it aired.

Jimgress: I love how the way Woz answers the narrator’s questions made it seem like they just approached him out of nowhere as if they were door to door salesman or something.

astrosmash: That Black-Gold commercial looked way ahead of its time, up until the 5-second mark.

p014k: I believe this is the third time this has been on digg…

fishbert: Is it really that hard to search before posting?

kjm16: What sophisticated onboard computer?

TurkishSquirrel: The car is a 280ZX, not a 280z
but still freakin’ awesome commercials

Kinjiru: Ahh.. I loved that car when I had one years ago! 🙂


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