Apple Inc. Still Means Computers

kendra82Apple may have changed its name from Apple Computer to Apple Inc., but the plethera of Macintosh-related product announcements here lately make it perfectly clear that regardless of the name, Apple is still all about computers.[…] Thanks to kendra82 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 54Diggs).

What other users say about this:

csmanzarek: yea, but still ever since windows switched over to vista, they should have focused on the mac, i mean i work in circuit city in the tech dept, and people really don’t like vista, i mean, we get more requests to switch new computers back to XP, or even dual boots, but i mean with all the windows confusion, apple should focus on smoke the vista competition because they do really have an amazing product

obeezy: One would hope. They focused a lot of attention on the iPhone over the past few months. The new iMacs look nice, but other than that, they really didn’t get an true attention. The keyboard was a great addition.


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