Apple trots out refurb iPhones, $100 off list price

obeezyIf you want to run the risk of getting stuck with the iPhone we sent back because the proximity sensor crapped out (that’s another story for another time), get ready to grab yourself a deal.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 53Diggs).

What other users say about this:

fober: Buyer beware, I can guarantee at least one of those refurbished iPhones has been operated by an appendage not directly connected to my hands.

axisofphilippe: Hey did you hear the Hindenburg crashed?

Evilena: The iPhone doesn’t have a history of breaking, but the iPhone OSX v1.0 did have a history of crashing Safari or after using it for a few days without a reboot. Also, letting the battery drain all the way would sometimes cause an error that would turn the display off. I have not had any of these problems after the first software update. Before I fixed it myself, Apple was more than willing to let me exchange my iPhone for a new one. It make perfect sense that Apple now has a sizable stock of returned iPhones that have nothing at all wrong with them.

professor0fruit: iphone sucks and so does your face?

yeah, I think I got that right

hoppdawg: i pulled the trigger.

mushroom: Why would you want to buy a product that has a history of breaking?

No I’m not making fun of the iphone when i use the term “product” i don’t mean the iphone as a whole but that single device

allaboutdatiki: What a bargain … buy two!

phogasmic: no f***in way.


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