CONFIRMED: iPhone $100 Cheaper at the Apple Refurb Store

macpro2006Do you think the iPhone is $100 too expensive? Well, you can get refurbished 4GB and 8GB iPhones for $100 less than their original price-tag at the Apple Store.[…] Thanks to macpro2006 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 792Diggs).

What other users say about this:

hoos30: Okay, exactly WHY does Apple have so many refurbs to sell so soon? Do they get RRoD too?

intense321: Sweet. I just ordered 3.

witz: I have an iPhone, but if I had a second chance, I would buy a refurb in a hot second. I have a refurb MacBook, and it’s the bees knees. There is a belief amongst some that refurb products are checked out more thoroughly than new…

Schrader: I’ll wait for its launch on the european market… Thought about getting one before but I need a good service plan on that thingy.

TheCount: You don’t have to worry, I’m sure they have plenty of refurb iPhone’s too sell at that discount. Apple has been doing a pretty good job of replacing phones for customers… except for me, since the stupid 5th Ave store in Manhattan wanted to charge me 30 bucks for a loaner phone while they sent mine out to service instead of just replacing it or eating the 30 dollar fee, since the phone was defective. I had to call up 1-800-MYAPPLE and thankfully they were nice enough to do the service (and give me a replacement in the meantime) without the fee. Screw the 5th ave store. The funny thing is I was really in there to buy a new imac, but after the way they treated me, I just left.

phinn: Thats great apple. Now how about adding software to the iPhone that all other phones have had for years. Like oh I don’t know, Instant Messaging (iChat), the ability to send picture messages, the ability to take videos. Surely that could be done with a software update.

3G, word and excel viewers, pdf and ebook viewers, and the ability to install 3rd party apps (like Java apps) like EVERY OTHER PHONE can do is obviously just asking too much.

Do all this and I would buy one, because I freakin’ love playing with it at the at&t store.

hoppdawg: Just pulled the trigger.

kenthorvath: I wonder if they might use the refurb store as a way to price discriminate against price sensitive customers. That is, might they sell brand new units via the refurb store for $100 cheaper to maximize profits? People who are less sensitive to price will simply buy the more expensive unit from the Apple Store or AT&T, but those who might not otherwise buy it will still do so for the cheaper price, which is still profitable to Apple.

kinerry: way to let the cat out of the bag dumbass. spreading this will raise demand and lower supply, hence cutting into the rebate we would otherwise have

blup3ace: ??? apple needs to refurb stuff!?

Emachine: iphone? is that thing still around?

TimmyGUNZ: What’s the big deal about refurbished? You still get the 1-year warranty and you can buy the Applecare and get the extra year. (Or buy it on an AMEX card with buyer assurance and get your warranty doubled for free!)

Wang: Refurbished is often a sweet deal. I’ve had awesome PDA’s and Laptops in the past that were refurbished. I’d say this is awesome news for folks holding out to buy the iPhone.

mastertop: Was the “CONFIRMED” really that necessary?

ArchonSG: Just wait a few months more and the “refurbished” iPhones will have its phone features taken out and they’ll sell it as the “brand new” iPod at $399.00


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