Install Apps on Your iPhone Easily, No Hacking Skills Required

mklopezIf you wanted to install third-party native software in your iPhone but you didn’t had the necessary technical knowledge or courage, the newly updated iPhone will make it so easy that it will be hard to resist. We have tried it in Mac OS X and, as you will see in the tutorial after the jump, it works perfectly[…] Thanks to mklopez for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 956Diggs).

What other users say about this:

stmfreak: I’m lovin’ it. New apps show up every few days, just check the installer and blam! The latest toy is the new AIM client. And my RSS reader just upgraded to a version that supports multiple feeds, sweet.

PacketScan: Get it.. Use it… Love it….

chookalana: worked fine for me. Accept it will not allow me to copy ROMs to my phone.

quickfix98: More hacks here:

m00gg: Mad props to Nullriver and the sources community for pulling this together so quickly.
I wonder how Apple will respond? I for one hope they will let this organic growth flourish!

AbeVigoda: It should be as simple as using Fugu (link: but I can’t seem to get my iPhone and Fugo to talk to each other.

rgury: What is the matter with these developers. You write and spend time all with all these hard to write applications… (Vnotes or Nullrivers installer)


theOctagon: Keep us updated on the ROM inquiry. We are waiting on more directions.

dpowre: im trying to install NES Roms

when i type “mkdir /var/root/Media/ROMs/
mkdir /var/root/Media/ROMs/NES”

it comes up saying “permission denied”

and suggestions?

DJCraig: I tried it, and this is what I got in the command line:

5 FilesystemCheck 1…
6 FilesystemCheck 2…
7 Mounting File Systems
8 Moving files into place…
Failed: (6) RecoveryDittoFileCopy: Operation Ditto failed

I can’t find any mention of “Operation Ditto” anywhere on the Internet! I tried searching Google, the iPhone Dev Wiki, the comments on here, the gizmodo site and comments, and the iPhone hacking forum, no mention. My iPhone seems to be unaffected.

AbeVigoda: NES ROMS. NES ROMS sans hacking.

coderedfilm: ok, so how the hell do you get the nes roms onto the phone???

Smoov: Courage?

How debased our language has become when this word is used in such a context.

DylanQ: For installing on Windows, check out It’s an GUI installer that runs from the PC and requires zero of this command line stuff.

pauldy: No hacking skills required???? Your right someone has posted a 4 page guide on the steps to get this app working but it isn’t exactly double click to install here. They have made it pretty easy but the same is true with the ssh installer. Once you have shd with sftp running on the iphone using programs that mount sftp shares on your machine makes installing apps as easy as a drag and drop and it doesn’t take up a precious slot on your home screen.


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