The man who collects Apples : Addicted To Apple Computers.

chandan619# Jeremy Mehrle collects Apple computers — at least 100 at last count# Many in the collection were purchsed from schools# Collection includes a rare Apple Lisa and 20th anniversary Mac[…] Thanks to chandan619 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1381Diggs).

What other users say about this:

mmeiser: Ha! Much better video about the guy:

My pal Bill Streeter of the aclaimed video blog LoFi St. Louis did a little mini-documentary on the guy back in February. Check it out. I think you’ll find it much more interesting then CNN’s. Be sure to check out the MP4 version. Much nicer quality than the Flash version.

His documentaries rule. I don’t think I’m exagerating either. Check out the latest one, episode #178 on the yoyo master Doc Popular.

exubersapien: He must have a lot of time on his hands. (Neat way he designed his basement. Reminds me of the apple store).

KingGorilla: for that, I’d buy him a hooker

sidrajalil1132: then we must say that he had the best collection and his taste s gudd..
keeep it up
now u r going to Apples or Apple’s?
think over it 🙂

streborzil: I was completely expecting a smelly fat nerd with 100 computers in his mom’s basement. I like how he has them set up actually, neat hobby 🙂

DJNodi: Mac’s rule. But this dude seriously needs another hobby. Like collecting all of the different ipods made.

ars3n: That is an awesome guy, but, dear God, please don’t let me end up like that.

wiihuck: where’s the cube???

Surkit: Not only is this lame. I LOVE the windows vista ad next to it.

majinosity: there has never been a more useless room in history

techmaster7b: Wow, this guy is really ignorant. Couldn’t he have collected something other than crap?

RedSquaree: That guy is a douche. He probably needed so many computers to access so many porn sites at once.

jmcbain: This is the kind of customer loyalty that only Apple could possibly get. How many people are Dell fanboys? “Ohh, I’ve got here a Dell Dimension 520, 530, and 550.” Macs inspire the kind of loyalty that kept Apple afloat in the late 1990s (just prior to Jobs’ return when things looked bleak).

goat2: “imacs for gaming with friends”


tc2004txst: Yeah, but can they blend?


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