30 Mac Apps to Run your Business By

migraineboyI’ve been a Mac user for many years now and a business owner for just as many. I’ve needed apps for everything from invoicing and time tracking to contact and money management. I’ve used literally hundreds of applications over the past few years and know how frustrating it can be to find something that works for you.[…] Thanks to migraineboy for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1440Diggs).

What other users say about this:

lobbster: windows

sixlaneve: nice list, would be great if the author specified the license too

flamebot: “Nice having everything ‘just work’ and not having to pay for an IT department!”

Until the day your precious Mac goes boom and you have to pay a fortune to have it repaired, and wait 3/4 weeks to have it back in your office… oh and did I mention you have to go find an apple store?

Nice business management you got there buddy, keep it up…

flamebot: macs are a pain in a network… and those parental controls really look silly in a serious company

skyshock1: Great for the smaller businesses indeed. Bigger businesses need something more robust. Especially in the finance dept’s.

As for Documents creation, collaboration, and management, I’d also throw Google docs in there.

peterinjapan: I run everything on my Macs, have for 12 years. It’s fun not losing data to viruses, or even running my machines down with virus software. There is NOTHING but benefits for business owners, including the fact that your employees can’t spend all day wasting time with Counter Strike.

harmonix: I’m a huge fan of SOHO Notes.
I live by this app.

ncaauwe: On The Job is awesome. I use it on my MacBook Pro while I’m at work. I just wish we could switch all our editing stations to Macs so everyone can use it, and so I don’t have to haul my Mac in every day. Plus I find Final Cut Studio to be a much better all around solution than Adobe’s suite, but that’s a whole different story 😉

northernmunky: Last company I worked for ran on several IMac and Powermac G5’s. Not one PC in the building.. worked pretty well for them and now it does for me.

Nice having everything ‘just work’ and not having to pay for an IT department!

jhuebel: Great list. I own my own company and have been using Quickbooks for WIndows in Parallels (already owned a copy). I may switch to one of the other finance apps for Mac OSX now. I really only use Quickbooks for invoicing, which some of the time management/invoicing tools may be better suited for.

crh3f: how about one to teach you proper english grammar? Does that title sentence really sound right to ANYone? “to run your business by”? (prepared for the diggdowns…)

Callsorputs: Obviously they don’t run a business on their Mac or Filemaker Pro would be up there. It keep all data in order. MYOB is by far the best Accounting for Mac. Blows all the rest away. Running our business on a Mac since 1978.

littleodie914: You can check out iProcrastinate too: http://www.craigotis.com

It’s a free mac app I wrote, I noticed most of the apps in the article were neither free nor cheap, so I’m just tossing mine into the mix as well. 🙂

gamgee911: I run my business using a combination of iBiz and iBank. Works really well for me.

htdub: Any apps, to help run a simple project budget? enter project bills, cash flow etc.


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