Apple: iPhone EU Carriers Confirmed in France, UK, and Germany

msaleemApple Insider confirms that T-Mobile Germany and Orange of France and 02 of the UK will have exclusive rights to the iPhone. The report was based on an article in the Financial Times, so we can be pretty sure of accuracy…[…] Thanks to msaleem for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 116Diggs).

What other users say about this:

viztag: Anybody expect the price to drop again before xmas?


doctorsax: The FT article mentioned (why the hell should we have to click through TWICE to get there!?):

mobilehavoc: Now what would be sweet is if AT&T iPhone users got a discounted rate when roaming on the EU iPhone selected networks. If that was true, I’d book the next flight to jolly-ole England.

neiltc13: Stupid bloggers again. This is yet another example of how we need proper journalists writing our news and not people who think that one paragraph constitutes a news story.

The article was written and confirmed by The Financial Times, not AppleInsider.

inghamb87: oh well that means I’m out then! I’m on stupid orange


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