Apple is becoming the de facto standard Laptop Supplier

CLIFFosakaJAPAN…it’s the future that truly represents the change. A total of 28% of respondents who plan to purchase a laptop in the next 90 days say they’ll get a Mac. An additional 23% say they’ll buy a desktop Mac. “This serves as powerful evidence that the ‘halo effect’ is indeed translating into real world Mac computer sales[…] Thanks to CLIFFosakaJAPAN for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1278Diggs).

What other users say about this:

CarzorStelatis: Less than 30% is hardly a ‘de facto standard’.

tyrione: These surveys are statistical distribution models that have been used for over the past two decades which help manufacturers to forcast demand and thus predict supply. With a tolerance in standard deviation these numbers are reasonable.

techmaster7b: Buried as inaccurate, see egroeggnik’s comment. Besides, if this atricle were accurate, it would only further prove that there are even more stupid people in the world. If you build a computer for idiots, only idiots will want to use it.

jabberwolf: OMFG what a Mactard of a post!

Maybe this was needed as Apple’s recent market share has been slipping. Once at 6.2 percent, it is now down to around 5.8.

Yes Dell has taken a huge hit, but has nothing to do with Apple’s dwindling sales and stock crash of 20 points down now to 120 something.

HP and Acer are the ones eating into Dell’s sales. Apple is no worry to any of them. If they bothered to ask HP or Acer, those companies would probably laugh in their faces. Thus you only see articles like this in Apple sites, but absolutely no where else.

michaeltm: Could it be because Mac OS X is a derivative of BSD + the Mac is now Intel based = more options? And its not M$ Windows… ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh… one more thing, if you like M$ Windows… there’s always Boot Camp…

hitmyspot: I have noticed myself that any friends purchasing their own laptops (not supplied from work) all tend to buy Apple. Most have no interest in technology, just want a laptop and choose mac.

MeniThings: After years on a PC I bought my first Mac a few months ago (a black MacBook). I have to say it blew away the VIAO I laptop I previously had. After years of dealing with DLL annoyances, IRQ conflicts, impossible software uninstalls, and general instability, I have to say the MacBook was a revelation.

OS X really is state of the art compared to Windows. It’s scriptable in ways Windows can only dream of, is more stable, more logical, and deep down has a more robust and accessible OS architecture. Of course Apple’s UI has better design, despite it lacking an easy copy/paste file path workflow (although I often use the Terminal for that) and still has that infuriating “only can resize a window from the bottom left-hand corner” limitation. Oh yeah, and iPhoto sucks (hoping the new version address the crash bugs and lack of multi-select). But those are minor irks in an otherwise brilliant combo of computer software and hardware.

I’ve been using computers for 3D animation, office work and internet/BBS for 20 years (MS DOS PC’s, Commodore 64’s, Amigas, DEC Alpha’s, SGI workstations, Windows NT/2000/XP machines), and I have to say that Apple’s current OS and computer hardware not only outclasses everything before it, but also blows blows away XP and Vista; not to mention shames the clunky hardware offerings from Dell and the like.

I use the right tool for the job, and don’t buy into following one company. That’s why I’ve constantly switched technology brands throughout my career. But with that said, Apple’s latest computers and OS are starting to make me feel like a fanboy too. The Macs at my studio are more reliable and are easier to automate than the PC’s. I’m now seeing about migrating to more Macs.

So these surveys make a hell of a lot of sense. Apple’s products right now are superior to PC’s, both for casual ‘lifestyle’ users and professionals. And looking at how organized, talented, and relentless Apple is with new products and innovation, I suspect they may end up taking back the overall PC crown in a decade or so.

For now, I highly recommend dumping your PC and getting a Mac. Life’s too short to keep on tolerating the bluescreen of death.

pen25: I work in communications and i have yet to see applications built for communications for specific mac products. nortel tellabs lucent all build thier ems’s to to run on either windows or unix plateforms and then you have to run an x session. i know there are applications that might run on mac but when it comes to supplying thousands of terminals it doesnt make sense to spend 3x as much money for the same gear. dont get me wrong macs might make a decent terminal but come on honestly why is linux so down played? they have rock solid applications for graphics and editing. on top of that how many eng. firms do you see running mac? how many applications does cad or cam on the mac platform? there might be more end users buying them cause thier pretty but youll see that all change soon enough. you already see a shift in the mainstream of “pc” OEM making the laptop pretty and desktops are right behind them. so i would have to say this is totally biased and doesnt show mac becoming a standard. now when apples opens the software to run on other pc’s you will see maybe they might become bigger. until that time they will be stuck in the small niche they are at.

stillakid67: …….and then they had to open their checkbook, and the dream was over ๐Ÿ™‚

VitriolAndAngst: I work at a Financial Services company. Work I’ve done with Keynote and Quartz Composer in presentations and kiosks is having the field drooling. So from that alone, we will probably end up putting Mac Minis in various offices. From there, I plan to use the iPhone as a presentation platform when it is ready. That is probably happening in more places than just where I work.

Don’t underestimate the “Peter Principle” envy drives the market. And the move of EA games to the Mac, coupled with Open GL 3 and the pretty seamless use of Windows apps while running the Mac OS is going to lower the barrier. People with the Money are going to get the iPhone and the Mac — just as they get a Mercedes or BMW when they have the money. They don’t NEED more car, they just want the BEST. Getting rid of headaches is one factor as well.

But once you get the monied buyers on the Mac, you will siphon off the money for innovation on the PC. This is a real market shift — it’s going to be hard for Dell and HP to compete in the bargain basement and game freak club being squeezed by “good enough” PC fabs on the bottom, Game Consoles for the hard core gamer, and Apple at the top.

jomcty: I recently purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad T61, 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB PC5300 RAM, 14.1″ WXGA+ w/ built-in web cam, Nvidia Quadro 140M GPU, 100GB 72k HD, Trackpoint/pad/fingerprint scanner, 802.11abgn, BT, extended battery, docking station and monitor stand with 3-year warranty for $1947.

The closest comparable 15″ MBP was well over $2500. Thanks, but no thanks!

When I tire of WinXP I’ll run it virtualized under Ubuntu.

ToddyB3: once you go mac you never go back.

Trooper77: I’m planning on buying a Macbook Pro when I can get the money together.

CATSCEO: Windows fanboys are out in full force, they must not like hearing the truth ๐Ÿ™‚

ScienceDoc: Also aided by the fact the Dell is a neocon and major donor to the RNC.


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