Apple seeds new Leopard build (9A500n) via Software Update

lnfiniteLoopApple Inc., which last week asked that developers provide feedback on their experiences using pre-released builds of Mac OS Leopard, has followed up by seeding a significant stability update to the next-generation system software.[…] Thanks to lnfiniteLoop for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 549Diggs).

What other users say about this:

mediaphile: Does installing Leopard wipe your whole drive clean? Or will it save your applications and stuff like an OS Reinstall?

Also, what kind of activation is involved?

danny951: Trinkets… flipping genius!

moisie: Saying something is shockingly stable for a beta doesn’t actually mean they think it’s “stable” just that it’s more so than they would expect for that stage.

rhaleuk: Have to say, I’m using the WWDC version and I find it shockingly stable for a beta that was so far from release. Can’t wait for the final boxed version.

paOol: this has got to be the least commented story ever to hit the front page.
i dont even see anyone bashing macs in this one.

astrosmash: I demand screenshots.

In exchange, I offer some trinkets: ☃☁☂

MateyO: Now there’s a thought. A responsive company, releasing bug fixes to an OS….

ooof, better not finish that thought…it can’t possibly end well.

NoOneButMe: Does it fix the graphic sluggishness for people with 8600’s?

DigitalN: who cares? we don’t have Leopard.

skoles: Does anyone know if users of the Leopard “Home” build allow you to update to the newest seed this way w/out cause for worry?

le0pard: 🙂

Ransomowris: Hm, first time they’ve used software update for leopard builds in a long time. Testing that, too, probably.


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