Apple’s new keyboards not working for some

obeezyAll the special keys worked as they should, with the exception of the Exposé key and the Dashboard key (F3 and F4). Press as much as I would, these keys did nothing.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 33Diggs).

What other users say about this:

mobilehavoc: I was actually in an Apple store a few days ago and was trying to use the dedicated function keys on the new keyboard that was hooked up to a brand new 24″ iMac but they didn’t work. I told one of the sales guys and he was extremely perplexed…after five minutes of fiddling he gave up. However as I walked out of the store I glanced back and the guy was back on the iMac trying to figure out why the keyboard didn’t work. I hope they fix this because it’s kind of retarded that a keyboard that ships with the iMac doesn’t work as it should, even in a store

ncaauwe: Yeah I have this issue on my MacBook Pro. If I have to reinstall OS X, I’ll just wait for Leopard. In the mean time, I’ll live since I use the programmable buttons on my mouse for Exposé, and when I really need to use my Dashboard, Function + F12 or reaching up to the F12 on my MBP’s keyboard won’t kill me.

superpixel: the fact that Apple shows the problem as “solved” demonstrates their arrogance when it comes to fixing the little things. yeah, it is “solved” by a complete reinstall of your OS. now, why did I buy a Mac again?


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