Breaking: MTV and Real to join forces against Apple’s iTunes

obeezyMTV and RealNetworks (which runs subscription digital music service Rhapsody), will band together with the common goal of taking on Apple Inc.’s iTunes Store.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 26Diggs).

What other users say about this:

pauldy: I’m surprised at the unity in the comments. I don’t think anyone really believes this will end well for either company. Neither has a track record of doing anything particularly well. Look forward to tons of product give aways from these companies as a result though.

totorototoro: RealNetworks? Has anyone forgiven them for their crappy RealPlayer “updates” with the constant nag screens, the incredibly tedious process they used to put you thru just to download the “free version” of their player, the hijacking of your audio filetypes, the impossibility of actually removing their application once installed? the instabi…ah fuck it.

Just say no to Real :p

gr8one: Pretty soon MTV’s credibility should match Real Networks percentage marketshare.

vandy: Enough with the “Breaking”, because it’s not.

MTV probably felt abandoned by their URGE partner Microsoft, whose Zune is incompatible with the service. But the other question is, how is Real still around? Their software is bloated and has been junk for years. I guess the one thing it would have going for it is that it uses AAC audio, and if they can get DRM-free music going then they have a shot at a few dozen sales.

MacParrot: Something eventual will outsell the iPod/iTunes combination. MTV and Real doesn’t seem likely to though

PimpMoneyRich: Wow….theres a combo….i didn’t know MTV still knew what music was…they will never take down iTunes as long as there are millions of apple and iPod users that enjoy the ability to access every kind of music they want with the ability to preview it and purchase it cheaper than they can anywhere else, iTunes will have a long life


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