Completely Outraged with Apple Store

hagbard72This guy takes his sisters Macbook to the Apple store he bought it from to deal with a vibration issue, and gets banned from the store.[…] Thanks to hagbard72 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 20Diggs).

What other users say about this:

sholt: Actually, I can easily believe that an Apple Genius can be an arrogant prick. When you get down to brass tacks, it’s just another under-appreciated customer service position… except you’re in a retail store… and you have to put up with those annoying customers.

I can easily believe that a customer can be an arrogant prick, too. When you get down to brass tacks, he’s just another under-appreciated customer… who just wants his stuff to work like it should…. except there’s an arrogant prick of an Apple Genius in the way.

Description is sensationalized though. He got “banned from buying macbooks” which, sounds to me more like a flippant comment taken seriously than an actual punishment.

miniboss: And here comes the Apple defense squad to call the guy a liar because there’s no possible way an Apple employee could possibly be an arrogant prick.

C’mon, regardless of how great a reputation a company has, there are always instances where some employees take it upon themselves to save the company money by screwing it over the customer. Most of us have had that experience where we try using some freebie coupon and they treat you like you just pulled money out of the tip jar. Jerks are everywhere in retail and that also includes the occasional Apple Genius.

fluidfoundation: Wow… uh.. what a piece of fiction. Why do I have the feeling we’re not getting told the whole story?

hagbard72: I’d “learn to read” but after I learn to get my brower to display all pages. I missed the one where he explains clearly that he’s been banned from buying another Macbook, not that he was banned from the store. I think if you read postings further on, you can see how I came to that conclusion.

Still, pretty ridiculous that he would be banned from buying a Macbook in the future, no?

SquareTofu: Learn to read, he’s banned form buying macbooks.

Matrixsjd: the guy wasn’t banned, that was someone else talking about the possiblity of getting escorted out by security if he were to do something. He was not banned. Buried.

sconepanman: Poor sod. Buy through instead.

hagbard72: Read the link and its replies. Not uncommon.

JabbaDuhHut: Banned from the Apple Store?


Buried. Inaccurate.


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