Dell takes huge hit as Apple laptop sales soar

verge‘Halo effect’ generated by demand for iPhones has caused a transformation in Apple’s laptop sales[…] Thanks to verge for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1890Diggs).

What other users say about this:

KateWilliams191: These results are great news for Apple, and they serve as powerful evidence that the ‘halo effect’ is indeed translating into real world Mac computer sales for jobs and also for the companies.

tmcdigg: Answer just ONE question…
Why do people pay MORE just to have a “MAC” laptop?
This premium pricing simply must go… the crap is made in just about the same factories and conditions as the rest.. and yet have a higher price-tag.. for what?!

tito184: I bought my Macbook because Apple’s customer service score is the highest and I miss my old G4.
It’s also idiot proof so I can give it to my parents when I buy a new laptop and they can’t mess it up like they have done with their windows box. I’m sick of getting random calls about “how do I…?”
I don’t really like itunes but I haven’t explored enough to find out how to use it properly or find an acceptable alternative.

kronys: True, i got a Mac Book this summer and now couple of my friends want one too.

MeniThings: After years on a PC I bought my first Mac a few months ago (a black MacBook). I have to say it blew away the VIAO I laptop I previously had. After years of dealing with DLL annoyances, IRQ conflicts, impossible software uninstalls, and general instability, I have to say the MacBook was a revelation.

OS X really is state of the art compared to Windows. It’s scriptable in ways Windows can only dream of, is more stable, more logical, and deep down has a more robust and accessible OS architecture. Of course Apple’s UI has better design, despite it lacking an easy copy/paste file path workflow (although I often use the Terminal for that) and still has that infuriating “only can resize a window from the bottom right-hand corner” limitation. Oh yeah, and iPhoto sucks (hoping the new version address the crash bugs and lack of multi-select). But those are minor irks in an otherwise brilliant combo of computer software and hardware.

I’ve been using computers for 3D animation, office work and internet/BBS for 20 years (MS DOS PC’s, Commodore 64’s, Amigas, DEC Alpha’s, SGI workstations, Windows NT/2000/XP machines), and I have to say that Apple’s current OS and computer hardware not only outclasses everything before it, but also blows away XP and Vista; not to mention shames the clunky hardware offerings from Dell and the like.

I use the right tool for the job, and don’t buy into following one company. That’s why I’ve constantly switched technology brands throughout my career. But with that said, Apple’s latest computers and OS are starting to make me feel like a fanboy too. The Macs at my studio are more reliable and are easier to automate than the PC’s. I’m now seeing about migrating to more Macs.

So these surveys make a hell of a lot of sense. Apple’s products right now are superior to PC’s, both for casual ‘lifestyle’ users and professionals. And looking at how organized, talented, and relentless Apple is with new products and innovation, I suspect they may end up taking back the overall PC crown in a decade or so.

For now, I highly recommend dumping your PC and getting a Mac. Life’s too short to keep on tolerating the bluescreen of death.

SuperCUBE: This is a survey based on the convenience of finding subjects to question. This shouldn’t even be considered. Dell is still a giant just like Apple is. No news here.

inajeep: As I posted in another apple related article, my wife wants one. She isn’t particularly good or cares about technology but she heard that Apple products are easy to use. After a bunch of issues that most of the XP crowd has had (Update related crashes, IE crashing, apps not working, locking up) she seems to think an Apple Notebook would work better. I agree w/ her and we will be buying one soon for her.

jbmercha: Anyone else expect to see a picture of the dell dude taking a hit?

chuckpenzone: Apple laptop sales have always been strong – even before the iPhone.

chrisclmsn: Hell yea, i just bought an apple notebook, kicks the PC’s ass

Sneakernets: My XPS runs circles around any macbook, I’m afraid.

omgdspmpg: good.. dell makes SHITTY products with even shittier support.

FUCK outsourcing.

Waldbaums: “The survey of 3,665 ChangeWave Alliance members asked those who bought a computer in the past 90 days…”

Chassit: Buried as inaccurate propaganda!

Bravocowboy: Dell screwed itself with bad operations which has led to delays in production and shipping. The champion of made-to-order has stopped doing what it’s good at. No one wants to wait 45 days for their laptop.


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