Predicting Apple’s new iPods: evolutionary, but borrowing from the iPhone

CLIFFosakaJAPANthe iPhone has stolen a lot of the iPod thunder over the last year, while the iPod has not had a significant redesign since 2005. So what does Apple have to do to create iPod excitement this holiday season? Apple’s new design must:[…] Thanks to CLIFFosakaJAPAN for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 844Diggs).

What other users say about this:

jsuther: Nano with 16GB and 32GB option and support for flac and ogg. . Do that and I will buy it in a heartbeat and buy the dice kit to integrate it with my car.

Sure I’d lave to have more like 300GB on flash memory but I know thats likely 5-6 years away.

Proggie: I want the iphone minus the phone (and maybe wifi), and at least 100GB (was running out of space on my 80GB before it got stolen), and I want support for RAW file formats for importing photos from dSLRs. I don’t care much about video, but I want awesome photo and music handling.

jblanch: the iPod isn’t really all that great of a device in the first place. i dont care how “revolutionary” it has been, it still could have been ALOT better from the moment it was birthed. i mean you’ve got to be kidding me with how many basic features it lacks! there should be tons of cool things you can do with the audio/video that you can do on any computer audio/video device! but of course Apple needs to lock it up for hackers to take care of all those things.

why is there no freaking mono setting? why is there no surround setting? why can’t you adjust how long the ipod waits till it starts loading data on a song? every single person out there knows how freaking annoying it is to keep hitting the next button 4 times because the ipod hung up on a song you don’t want to listen to.

horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible bullshit that they stream along and boost “new exciting features” just because they left all that basic crap out on purpose.

but as long as it’s shiny and pretty it’s all good right?

InsaneOni: If they don’t include WiFi, I’m getting an 80gb Archos 605. 800×480 touch screen + WiFi = winner for only $350!

redwallhp: Boring. I already predicted that we’d get widescreen multitouch ipods (but nano and shuffle will stay virtually as-is).

gwc11713: The new iPods… “evolutionary, but borrowing from the iPhone”

All together now… “DUH!”

munna80: BORIIING!!

hdort: I’m not convinced that new iPods will look anything like the iPhone; at least not the next generation. If so, they would only be available in the US: it would be madness to sell a device in Europe which is so close the iPhone, before the iPhone itself is shipped here!

blkpoetx: ******** I figured out part of the update……… YOUTUBE…. with the new update you can now watch videos that you couldn’t using the YOUTUBE icon before…. before you could only view the really popular youtube videos…i did a test and sent myself a video from the YOUTUBE to my iphone.. and EUREKA it worked, tried 5 random videos and they all worked…. ****

wyrdness: He doesn’t think that the memory of the nano will be increased. Why? Even the mini was 4gb. The gap between the ipod and the nano is too large as it is already. I suspect that we’ll see 16gb and maybe even 32gb nanos.

mellenger: i think apple is finished with hard drives. plus the new iphone interface would be too slow on a hdd based player. i think the new ipods will be called ipod video and come in around 32GB of flash for the high end. they will release a 100gb 5.5 gen iPod around the same time for people using ipods for backup.

ThatsUnpossible: This guy is wrong on two fronts.

1. The new iPod will ABSOLUTELY have wi-fi. Why? Because not only does it add value to the iPod, it adds value to … Apple TV. Being able to instantly start watching videos or listening to music off your friend’s new iPod on your Apple TV, just by them being nearby, is a no-brainer.

2. His point about pricing is off. He wants Apple to make these products distinctly different, in form and pricing, to make “the choice clear” for consumers. WRONG. Apple has shown an innate ability to price their related iPods in a way where you can literally start out wanting an iPod Shuffle, and gradually talk yourself further up the price chain until you just checked out with a new iPhone. Expect the new iPods to bridge the current pricing gap between iPods and iPhones.

boxerjess: It’s quite simple – give me an ipod that functions just like an iphone (minus the the cell phone) with 30 gigs an I am all about it.

richmonkey3: bluetooth for both wireless headphones and wireless syncing, only need for wires would be the battery charger, the navigation should also be built more like itunes if it has the capability of widescreen with touch.

bpapa: This article seems to be grounded in reality. Since pre-iPhone launch, I’ve seen people say that it’s a “no-brainer” that we’d see the next iPod be the iPhone without the phone. But I doubt that will happen and this author seems to agree with me. Besides, an iPhone without the phone would probably still be fucking expensive as hell anyway, so I don’t think people would really be compelled to buy one.

A wide-screen/touch-screen iPod could be nice but again, can they deliver that at the traditional price point?

I think I’m more curious to see what they have planned for the next Shuffle. I have the current Shuffle and it’s awesome. Can they make it even smaller?


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