Steve Jobs’ House, SL65 in Driveway, on Google Street View

rmw132Smile! As Street View fever sweeps the nation, even the rich can no longer keep their privacy private. We’re looking forward to the day we can watch ourselves live blogging on Google Earth.[…] Thanks to rmw132 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1373Diggs).

What other users say about this:

BLACKEAGLE: thats weak

nlevy: Where is his mailbox?

macpro2006: uhh… hurd about this when Street View came out

mgill3: Of course Steve Jobs knows to drive a Mercedes, smart man. I drive an S320 myself. There’s nothing wrong with a picture like this, it’s completely public… anybody could drive by and have a look.

UncleAndrew: how do they get views like that?

Mapper99: This huge gallery has just been updated with the latest and greatest Google Street View sightings. Vote on which ones are the best and leave comments just like Digg:

Sosumii: Dugg for the Mercedes SL65

LeeVal: Google has deliberately took this picture. since its the only one for miles.

ChristianMagic: We’re watching you Steve.

toetagger: That’s his maids quarters and car, you kidding me?

DaffyDuck: Well, you can’t really see a lot of it from that view but it appears relatively modest for a man of his means.

drewfer: The iHome

varble: wait a sec, is that a trailer park across the street? I think I see a geo metro.

bharbhar: rock on california

leerayIG88: I live next to his house. It’s true, I know. Jobs and I are friends. He likes to be called stewie.


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