Apple iPhone vs. Nokia N95

gmark13Perhaps no other cell phone in history has been as anticipated as Apple’s iPhone. From the moment it was announced by Apple to the time it was released six months later, the cell phone was a constant topic of rumors and speculation. Now that it’s here, we can report that the iPhone largely succeeds on most fronts, particularly as a music player….[…] Thanks to gmark13 for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 29Diggs).

What other users say about this:

corporalclegg24: ENOUGH ALREADY!

streak: N95 is more expensive to begin with. Then GPS on N95 costs an extra $3/day or $10/month, so forget that feature unless you’re willing to pay more. Finally, the iPhone data plan is generally half the price of the N95’s ($20/month versus $40/month, plus taxes and fees). Over the duration of a 2-year contract, this makes the iPhone effectively FREE. Outstanding for such a small phone as the iPhone, with HTML e-mail built-in and a real web browser that’s so easy to pan and zoom.

jollyholly: Total points:
Apple iPhone: 59
Nokia N95: 56

Winner: Apple iPhone

This was a closer fight then we expected. Even with all the hype that came with it, the Apple iPhone barely beat the powerful Nokia N95. They each won a couple of rounds–and there was even a draw. But ultimately, the iPhone’s lead in the design and multimedia performance rounds gave it the extra points it needed to trump the N95’s superior features and call quality. Both phones succeed in different areas, but in this case, the iPhone took the prize.

idc5: iphone is pure hype.


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