Certain Aluminum Apple Keyboard Function Keys Not Working For You?

1KrazyKoreanIf you recently purchased one of those new slim aluminum Apple keyboards, you might have noticed that a couple of the fancy function keys on top (where the F-keys are) didn’t work. Namely, the F3 and F4 keys, which activate the expose and the dashboard functions. Even using OS X’s built-in keyboard shortcut remapping tool doesn’t fix this.[…] Thanks to 1KrazyKorean for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 60Diggs).

What other users say about this:

lukedaspuke: An installer package which should fix this issue can be found here: http://twsibtth.chrisandtheothergirls.com/blog/possible-apple-keyboard-function-fix-package

xiambax: Ummm did you install the software?

wisedude: Damn, apple quality once again rears its ugly head

knowing that this is becoming the “defacto standard” scares the shit out of me

DiggnessFalls: Hrm knowing Apple Mr. Job’s sneaky spies are watching you … and they’ll probably announce an update tomorrow.


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