Mac Tagline Pulled from Site: Eating Disorder Blamed

jshayneApple’s new iMac Campagin states that, “You can’t be too thin. Or too powerful.” The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness calls upon Apple to rethink their new media campaign.[…] Thanks to jshayne for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 737Diggs).

What other users say about this:

thenome: Can people just tough out their own problems.

blurplevtx: So Apple says screw you to the whole music industry, songs are 99c, but for an ad tagline “stop the presses.” Lame.

speedwank: It’s a fucking computer, and that’s ALL it is. What the fuck kind of world are we living in when every niche nutjob group can exert massively disproportionate influence on the world around them? I’m reminded of the article a day or two ago where doctors in Scotland may no longer eat sandwiches at their desks because it may offend Muslims during the time of Ramadan. Vending machines are being removed (same reason) because some fucking group is VOLUNTARILY FASTING and the sight of people eating (or the visibility of food) apparently motivates a group of doctors to build a bomb and drive it into Glasgow airport. How did they reconcile that with the tenets of the Hippocratic Oath?
Rhetorically, I have to wonder therefore, if one should refrain from eating beef in front of Buddhists, or Pork products in front of Jewish people?
We must avoid offending Jews, Muslims, fat people, thin people, behaviorally challenged people, mentally challenged people, women (ooh, let’s not forget that we mustn’t ever deride, or omit deference to, those of the celebrated female gender), “those-of-other-ethnicity-to-our-own”, and an endless list of other special categories we must earnestly embrace and avoid giving offense to, how shall we accomplish this?
Clearly we have to retreat to within the fortress walls of our homes, see no one, order provisions to be delivered to our front door (actually, we might offend the delivery person by our appearance, speech or mannerisms, so he/she should just leave the shit on the stoop and run for it), and spend our time in contemplation of the many ways that the mere fact of our existence horrifies and offends an almost limitless number of our fellow citizens.
This inspires me to write a spirited, if markedly Politically Incorrect, treatise entitled; “How to Piss Off Anyone Immediately” Hate mail is wonderful, isn’t it? The finished product would generate a fucking shedload of hatemail for sure!!
IT’S A FUCKING COMPUTER YOU FAT SACKS OF SHIT!! CAN YOU SAY “THIN POWERFUL COMPUTER” SAY IT YOU SCUMBAGS, SAY IT….ah fuck it, you’re probably too goddamned fat to open your mouth to say anything, after all, if you open your mouth, you might be tempted to put food in there, thus making your obvious lard-ass even more huge than it already is. Hey, everyone knows that if you weigh 79lbs soaking wet, YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY A FUCKING WHALE and need to stick a broom handle up your ass/down your throat.

becausethenight: I’ll be even more cynical. It was just a way of that stupid eating disorders group to get some press and pump up donations. I’m glad Apple didn’t give them the satisfaction of a fight. It went away and most people still never heard of them.

nikfix: Save bombs, drop fat chicks.


DaleoftheUK: This is far beyond political correctness, more towards fucking idiocy.

I was going to make an eating disorder apple joke but this is just too stupid.

capellathestar: If this is the best Apple advertisement department can come up with, they deserve it.

rschluss: So should I be concerned if my iMac purges data when I’m not around?
I may need to have an intervention.

tito184: I read the tagline while buying my Mac and knew that would offend some people. I’m sure the people that created that knew there might be some protest though (try working in most corporate environments) and decided to just go with it.

reflective9: when its this politically correct BS going to stop?, when are companies going to set their foot down and stand their ground ?

SugeKnight: I’m with Darwin on this one…..Survival of the Fittest! If a computer add can make people feel badly about themselves, how fit are they to survive in nature?

lostgorilla: Being the President of International Power Trippers Anonymous I was pleased to see this ad come down, although for a very different reason.

SVPirate: Well it did actually occure to me that it was a bit tactless when they launched the slogan, it seems elitist and ‘Hello’ magazine-esque. If that’s the market Apple are aiming at with computers like the iMac it kinda makes me ashamed to use their stuff 😦

zongamin: Political Correctness Gone Mad!!


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