The iPod nano mock-up (PIC)

yokozukaYou may have seen the blurry spy-shots, but this is a crystal-clear rendition of what the next-generation iPod nano will allegedly look like. And yes, I still hate it hate it hate it… although I admit I’m starting to lik– no, I hate it.[…] Thanks to yokozuka for providing this nice story on Digg (more than 1375Diggs).

What other users say about this:

shiftless: The mock up doesn’t really show the scale of the thing too well. If it really is the screen of the nano and half the length, then what is anyone complaining about? I hate speculation articles like this anyway.

sirmasterboy: What is so bad about them? They just look like a shorter video iPod with a smaller scroll wheel.

solarweasel: hmm, well in its defense, you can’t really get a grasp for it’s relative size from the photo. it could be of similar width to the current nano, but just shortened lengthwise.

tito184: Huzzah! My own Triquarter!

Andy.D: That doesn’t look like a “nano” to me. A fat nano, maybe.

Hoogs: Just get a Zen V Plus. It has way more features than a Nano and the 16 gig version costs the same as an 8 gig Nano. People who buy iPods are just plain stupid, there’s no other explanation.

tenyearsgone07: i find nano’s to be pointless because they hold a worthless amount of music. if you really are a music lover you’ll buy the 80 gig black video ballin outta control ipod…you all know what i’m sayin 🙂

sonycam: I can’t see apple releasing this. I think everyone right now is waiting for a touch screen ipod, perhaps with a digital scroll wheel built into the interface. I don’t even want video function on my ipod.

digitalelite: It is suppose to be a NANO. So shouldn’t it be smaller than the last nano and not freaking bigger. God I hate apple they are so fucking stupid. I am sure they will hold some big conference and all you mac freaks will show up and ejaculate all over steve jobs. Bill Gates makes better stuff anyway.

shounenyuki: yeah, ummm stop with the damn ipod crap, its another pos for the i-tard generation. Sound quality is going to suck, no user equalizer, bad battery life (only a guess), low component quality, not linux freindly (i dont care if it will work, it isn’t ums)… digg something important, btw long time digg reader, i am just getting fed up with the macintrash shit and i-tard shit… more linux friendly device posts please !!! Oh yeah, and its fugly !!!

gnathon: I guarantee this leak was an intentional move to judge consumer response.

valosdarling666: its so….fat

cdgrocott: Nice sales strategy… Make an iPod nano that nobody likes. Everybody buys the iPhone instead… Maybe.

peterock: Until I see the real thing, I seriously don’t think Apple’s standard in Product Design has dropped to that low.

shedtroll: Looks awfully simiular to this…


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